Jules Wainstein Served With Divorce Papers, ‘RHONY’ Star Ready To Battle

Jules Wainstein got more than she bargained for when she joined the Real Housewives of New York this season. The newbie curse hit her, and she won’t be returning for another season. Wainstein will continue to film for the reunion because that is included in the contract with Bravo but after that, she will be back to living her life without the prying public eye. The last year has been rough for Wainstein and her family, especially with her marriage crumbling all around her. A new chapter in her life is about to begin as another one closes.

After being married to someone for so long, it is hard to rebuild a life without that person. Jules Wainstein will be moving on as a single woman once again. According to Radar Online, Jules Wainstein was officially served with divorce papers from her husband, Michael Wainstein. He filed the papers in court on July 15, and she was reportedly served at some point earlier this week. It is listed as a contested divorce. A judge will decide the fate of their marriage, and what each person will get out of what they have accumulated together. Jules will likely ask for full custody of their two sons, while Michael will probably end up with the real estate decisions on the property the couple has.

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Things seemed to be working well between Jules Wainstein and her husband, Michael from the little interaction they had on the Real Housewives of New York. She was added to the show through Dorinda Medley, but quickly fit in with the rest of the girls. Unfortunately, things took a downward turn, and the friendships fans thought were genuine were actually not there. Carole Radziwill completely turned her back on Wainstein and began making fun of her with Bethenny Frankel. It was definitely a “mean girls” moment, and it has been discussed on social media. Many fans called out Radziwill and Frankel for their treatment of Wainstein, but it didn’t do much good. Thankfully, Jules won’t be returning for a second round with the ladies.

When news of Jules Wainstein’s impending divorce broke, there was a collective round of shock. Rumors started surfacing that Michael Wainstein was cheating on his wife and that she actually caught him in the act. While it is unclear how things went down, it is clear that their marriage is beyond repair. Wainstein was served with divorce papers, but she has things covered. In an ironic turn of events, Jules has hired Bethenny Frankel’s attorneys to handle her divorce. This group of lawyers took four years to handle their case with Frankel and her ex-husband, so Wainstein needs to be prepared for a possible long-term battle. As the season progresses, fans are wondering whether or not they will be able to see how the marriage fell apart.

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There are still several episodes of the Real Housewives of New York that will air with Jules Wainstein in them. She completed the entire season while dealing with all of this chaos, including the allegations of infidelity. Michael Wainstein isn’t known for being completely fair and honest, which has some fans worried for Jules. There were several lawsuits against him for poor business practices with the most recent one being from January. As time passes and things get going on the divorce, there will be plenty of money spent by both parties. Jules isn’t about to go down without a fight, and since Michael is dubbed a successful businessman, she should be able to get what she wants as far as spousal and child support. Jules Wainstein got more than she anticipated when signing up for this show, but she is moving forward with her life as best as she knows how.

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