Chase Tells ‘Bachelorette’ JoJo She Led Him On In Fantasy Suite, Confronts JoJo During ‘Men Tell All’ [Report]

Get ready for an explosive Bachelorette Men Tell All on July 26 when JoJo’s guys get to see the woman they briefly dated for the first time since filming wrapped in May. One of the most talked about moments of the special will be when host Chris Harrison calls Chase McNary up into the hot seat, where he will confront JoJo about leading him on during their Fantasy Suite date.

Bachelorette fans were left with a cliffhanger at the end of last Monday night’s hometown dates episode, but rest assured the drama that is about to take place on the overnight dates (July 25) and ABC‘s Men Tell All special far exceeds the heartbreaking rose hometown dates rose ceremony.

[Warning: The Bachelorette Season 12 spoilers ahead.]

Blogger Reality Steve originally spoiled that Luke Pell get a rose during hometowns a move on the overnight dates with Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers. However, shortly after the premiere aired, Steve changed his spoilers and revealed that JoJo sent Luke home and picked Chase McNary as one of her final three.

Although many fans will agree that bringing Chase to the overnight dates is a shocker, the elimination may have been producer prompted, something that will end up breaking Chase’s heart perhaps even more than Luke’s.

chase and jojo bachelorette ovenright dates
Chase McNary and JoJo Fletcher [Image via ABC Television Network]

With Pop Sugar stating that Luke’s elimination “basically guarantees” that the 31-year-old war veteran will be the next Bachelor, it’s quite possible that Luke was eliminated so he would have a great backstory for his rumored role as ABC’s next leading man.

After all, it’s been more than obvious that JoJo has had her heart set on Jordan Rodgers all season, so Luke would have been edged out at the final rose ceremony anyway.

Bachelorette JoJo final four hometown dates
Luke, Robby, Jordan, and Chase [Image via ABC Television Network]

Zap2It states that Chase started coming out of his shell during hometowns and, with Luke’s elimination, was pushed forward to the overnight dates. If anyone was on the show with genuine intent, it seemed to be Chase, but his relationship with JoJo moved so slowly it’s a shocker to see him get an overnight date.

Unfortunately, Chase’s time in the Fantasy Suite will end badly.

According to Reality Steve, what goes down in the Fantasy Suite is a huge emotional blow for Chase and although he apologizes after they break up, he seems to carry a grudge about it right to the Bachelorette Men Tell All special that airs one night after the July 25 overnight dates episode.

Steve’s spoilers indicate that after their one-on-one date in Thailand, JoJo says “yes” to a night in the Fantasy Suite with the 27-year-old medical sales rep from Colorado. Although it’s usually a mystery about who the lead sleeps with during the overnights — unless you’re Nick Viall — Steve reports that Chase won’t even get as far as the bed with JoJo.

chase McNary and jojo fletcher bachelorette season 12
Chase and JoJo in Thailand [Image via ABC Television Network]

“Chase and JoJo do go back to the fantasy suite, but while there, JoJo basically says she’s not feeling like she should, and she lets Chase go before they spend the night together,” Reality Steve writes. “They don’t end on good terms. Basically, she’s upset and telling him essentially she didn’t mean to hurt him and that’s not her intention and he comes back with, ‘But that’s exactly what you did.'”

Chase reportedly makes a second appearance on the show after he leaves the Fantasy Suite, but it’s not because he wants a second chance with her. He apologizes for getting upset (perhaps because he thinks he could have a shot at becoming the next Bachelor) and leaves Thailand with no hard feelings — or so it appears.

During the Men Tell All taping last weekend, both Chase and Luke appeared alongside the other guys who were eliminated throughout the season. Several of this season’s most controversial men were called up into the hot seat and yes, Bachelorette villain Chad Johnson was one of them.

However, Chase McNary will also get some time in the spotlight and will talk to JoJo about their time in the Fantasy Suite. Reality Steve states that Chase is still “a little bothered by JoJo accepting the fantasy suite card” and not going through with the date.

“Chase actually comes up on stage to sit next to JoJo to talk to her about what happened in the fantasy suite and brings up again why she just didn’t let him go at dinner before they went back to the suite. She gives the run around of ‘I thought I wanted to be back there with you, but then when I was, I just wasn’t feeling it’ and basically didn’t mean to hurt him.”

That’s enough to clear the air for Chase, and he leaves the Men Tell All with the Fantasy Suite Date drama resolved.

Watch the last three episodes of the Bachelorette starting with the overnight dates (July 25), followed by the Men Tell All (July 26), and ending with the three-hour Bachelorette season finale on August 1 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

[Image via ABC Television Network]