‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Rafe Experiences A Nightmare As His Desperation To Save Hope Increases

Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that a special episode is on the way for viewers on Wednesday. Hope and Rafe have been trapped since the house explosion and the situation remains dire. What can everybody expect from the July 20 show?

The soap has done a couple of other episodes that were centered around one character for the full hour, and they are going that route with the July 20 show, as well. Recent shows focused on Aiden and then Hope, and Days of Our Lives spoilers share that this one will be focused on Rafe. He and Hope remain trapped in the room they found via the tunnel under the house, but her condition remains quite serious and they have yet to find a way to get help.

According to We Love Soaps, Rafe will have a nightmare during this next episode. It seems that this nightmare will likely become the basis for the episode as a whole as his psyche goes through this bad dream and things get more intense for the duo during this crisis.

As SheKnows Soaps indicates, Rafe’s love for Hope will be tested during this next episode, as well. He never stopped loving her, despite her earlier decision to try to reunite with Aiden upon his shocking return. Now that Hope knows of Aiden’s lies, she rushed to find Rafe and as she saw the dire predicament he was in, her love for him came flooding back to her.

These two are clearly still in love with one another, and Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that this chaotic situation may well pave the way for them to reunite. Rafe’s nightmare may be the primary storyline for Wednesday’s show, but teasers indicate that the chaos on this front continues into Thursday’s episode. Hope is said to have a health crisis, and this will surely make Rafe all the more desperate to get her to safety.

As Hope and Rafe struggle to stay safe and find a way to get out of the tunnel, Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Aiden will be scrambling. During Thursday’s show, he will be trying to convince someone he is innocent, but he may be out of allies at this point. He was furious with Andre when he learned of the plot to kill Hope and Rafe, and he is surely desperate to verify Hope’s fate.

Tate remains missing, and Summer has insisted to Brady and Theresa that she did not kidnap the young boy. She is pointing the finger at Victor, and Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that there is more regarding this situation come Thursday’s episode. Brady will question Victor, but the buzz is that someone else entirely may be behind this plot. There have been rumors of big and shocking returns ahead this summer, and viewers will be anxious to see who really orchestrated this kidnapping.

Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Friday’s show brings drama related to Kate, Deimos, and Nicole, as Kate leaves the Kiriakis mansion and Deimos asks Nicole for another chance. Steve will join in on the hunt to find Tate, and viewers will surely see more regarding Hope and Rafe, as well.

Where are things headed next? Will both Hope and Rafe manage to fully recover? Who is behind Tate’s kidnapping, and how will Brady and Theresa find their son? Will Nicole give Deimos another chance, and what then comes of Kate? The show will be taking a break soon due to the Olympics, but Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that big twists, turns, and returns are on the way that viewers will not want to miss.

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