Jimmy Fallon’s Fun And Games With Blake Lively, J.J. Watt, And Neil Young

Jimmy Fallon is “sucking up” to his Tonight Show sidekick Steve Higgins, thinks Blake Lively, according to Entertainment Weekly. Fallon invited Lively on Monday to play a game called Know It All, but the Gossip Girl star thought the host was cheating.

Lively thought there was a secret agreement between Jimmy Fallon and his sidekick, as the host was gaining some advantage by “sucking up” to Higgins.

But as soon as Lively chose the Harry Potter Characters category for the game’s first round, it appeared that her theory was absurd, as she smashed Jimmy Fallon during the game. While the host named basic characters from J.K. Rowling’s books like Ron and Hermione, Lively went with more advanced characters like Buckbeak and Cornelius Fudge.

But as the Harry Potter Characters round was over, the next category was Spanish Words, and Jimmy Fallon was (to his own surprise and amazement) victorious. So it was up to the final third round to determine the winner.

The third round was Four-Letter Words, and both Jimmy Fallon and Lively did their best to not swear during that round. But the temptation was irresistible, which is why Lively used the five-letter word “shoot” as a censored version of “sh*t.”

Lively won the round, and Jimmy Fallon couldn’t resist the temptation to say a swear word in the end.

Watch the video here.

Jimmy Fallon sure loves the feeling of raw eggs dripping down his face, according to Rolling Stone. Otherwise, he wouldn’t use the segment called Egg Russian Roulette as part of his show so often.

And the last victim of Jimmy Fallon was Houston Texans defensive dynamo J.J. Watt, who paid the host a visit last week. And especially for Watt, the show’s creative department decorated the eggs like mini-footballs.

There were 12 eggs in a carton, six of which were raw while the other six were hard-boiled. The only way to determine which eggs were raw and which ones were hard-boiled was to smash them against your own forehead. And that’s exactly what Jimmy Fallon and Watt did.

In the first round, Jimmy Fallon got a raw egg smashed all over his face, while the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year picked a hard-boiled egg. Watt won the game, with both him and Jimmy Fallon doing all kinds of stuff to those poor eggs, including squeezing them in their hands and cracking them with their teeth.

Watch the video here.

Jimmy Fallon sure loves to impersonate Neil Young, according to the Wall Street Journal. But can he show his best Neil Young impression even when Neil Young is sitting right next to him?

That was a new challenge for the host when he invited the Canadian singer-songwriter to appear on his Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. And that’s how the Two Neil Youngs Singing on a Tree Stump segment was born.

Last year, Jimmy Fallon did a similar segment called Two James Taylors on a Seesaw. But this year, the host did a spot-on Neil Young impression, wearing his signature wig, cowboy hat, and harmonica. Both Jimmy Fallon and the real Neil Young sat back to back on a tree stump to perform in front of the audience. The segment started with the host sitting alone, but then as the stump began to rotate, the real Young showed up.

The lyrics of their performance were along the lines of “Where did the other Neil come from?” and “Came from the future back to the past – to warn your a**.”

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]