Melania Trump Doesn’t Have A College Degree, But The RNC Biography States That She Does — Why The Blatant Lie? [Video]

Melania Trump doesn’t have a college degree in design and architecture from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Then, why does her RNC biography and website state that she does? That’s an interesting question, and the reasons should be examined. In light of the plagiarism scandal, it’s apparent that the possible future first lady isn’t college educated. If so, she would have known not to plagiarize.

Melania left school after her freshman year to embark on a career. She is, technically, a college drop out. There’s nothing wrong with that. Not all careers require a college degree, and at age 18, she had to make a crucial decision: leave school and make money now or wait until after college. She chose to sign with a modeling agency and traveled throughout Europe. Oh yes, and she made it to New York, met Donald Trump, and married him in 2005.

It’s odd that the RNC didn’t do a bit of fact-checking and vetting before posting Trump’s biography. CBS News checked, and Melania has no degree. Some might say, “So what she doesn’t have a college degree.” Agreed, then why the lies? Mrs. Trump is successful, “beautiful,” and has her own business. It’s sad that she’s concerned with how others will view her lack of formal education. But then again, she had the option of completing it.

Barbara Bush, Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter, and Mamie Eisenhower didn’t have bachelor’s degrees either, but Jacqueline Kennedy had one in French literature from George Washington University, and Lady Bird Johnson had two, one in journalism, awarded by the University of Texas, according to Yahoo News.

First ladies represent the Unites States and stand in for their husbands, and every FLOTUS, including Michelle Obama, who holds a bachelor’s (Princeton) and a law degree (Harvard), has one or multiple causes that she works on throughout her time in the White House. The world has become increasingly complex, and a college education helps with navigating through it effectively.

First, here’s a partial excerpt from the RNC’s program, which includes a bio on Melania (scroll down the page at the link for details).

“At the age of eighteen, she signed with a modeling agency in Milan. After obtaining a degree in design and architecture at University in Slovenia, Melania was jetting between photo shoots in Paris and Milan, finally settling in New York in 1996.”

Next, an excerpt from the Melania Trump website also shares information on her educational background.

Melania Trump, biography page from website. [Image via]

The verbiage from the Trump website and the RNC biography are similar. Seemingly, from the two write-ups, part of the RNC bio was pulled directly from the website. Now, with websites, bios are done in one of two ways. The owner of the site may choose to write his or her own bio or hire someone else to write it. Ultimately, approval and posting are determined by the owner.

Third, honesty is important. The public has become cynical and expects politicians to not be honest because it’s a long-established pattern. Although it isn’t always stated, people expect first ladies to represent the best side of their husbands. People know that once the president is elected, he doesn’t make unilateral decisions, so it’s unlikely that everything that he promised while campaigning will be accomplished. But one thing Americans have come to depend on is the gracious, kind, honest motives and actions of its first ladies.

Finally, Melania Trump has fallen short. Maybe the decision to lie about a college degree wasn’t hers, but she’s an adult, who should have her own voice, and not be anyone’s puppet. Critical and analytical thinking skills are crucial for a president as well as for his or her spouse. First ladies serve as examples for women throughout the world.

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