Dog Dangling From Car Rescued By Cops — Canine Hanging Outside Vehicle Brought Back To Life

A dog that was found hanging outside a car was successfully brought back to life by two police officers. A body cam attached to the uniform of one of the officers captured the amazing rescue and resuscitation attempt.

Police officers responding to a shoplifting in progress at a Walmart in Arkansas ended up rescuing a dog dangling from its leash outside a vehicle. The dog appeared to be motionless, but the officers did not give up hope and managed to breathe life back into the poor canine.

When Sergeant Jason Legleiter and Officer Wade Hammond responded to a shoplifting call at a Walmart store in Arkansas, little did they know that they would also rescue a canine and videotape the incident. The officers were dispatched to the store last week after a store employee alerted the authorities about an attempted shoplifting. The officers reached the spot and quickly apprehended the shoplifter, reported KAKE.

However, while finishing up, another Walmart employee alerted the officers about a dog hanging outside a pickup truck, reported I Heart Dogs. The employee added that the dog was dangling from his leash and appeared motionless. Having secured the perpetrator, the officers raced to the spot and witnessed a horrifying scene.

Dog Dangling From Car Rescued By Cops - Canine Hanging Outside Vehicle Brought Back To Life [Body Cam Video]

A dog was hanging completely still from his leash. It is not clear how the dog ended up hanging from the vehicle, but locals speculate that the canine might have become interested in something outside the vehicle and jumped out to investigate. However, being tied to a leash, the dog couldn’t get away and ended up dangling from the pick-up truck’s open window. It is likely the dog’s owner had left the small dog inside the parked car with the windows rolled down but leashed the dog to prevent him from escaping, reported the Dogington Post.

Although the dog looked like it had suffocated to death, Sergeant Jason Legleiter did not lose hope and used his patrol duty knife to cut the poor creature free of the leash and gently laid it flat on the ground. After the dog was freed from the noose, Officer Wade Hammond began attempts to revive the unresponsive dog. He began by carefully removing the dog’s collar and coaxed the dog into taking small breaths. The officer applied light pressure intermittently to the dog’s side to promote airflow within the lungs.

Dog Dangling From Car Rescued By Cops - Canine Hanging Outside Vehicle Brought Back To Life
(Image via Arkansas City Police Department/Facebook)

Slowly but steadily, the dog started to show signs of life. Fortunately, the dog gradually became more responsive and started to recover from his unconscious state induced by suffocation and lack of oxygen to the brain and other vital organs. Eventually, the dog managed to stand on its own.

The entire heartwarming rescue was captured by the camera attached to Sergeant Legleiter’s uniform. Arkansas City Police Department posted the story on their Facebook Page. While the majority of the internet users were concerned about the well-being of the dog, many questioned the police about what the dog’s owner had to say and if would he or she be charged, reported the Bark Post.

The police responded with a post on Facebook.

“There have been many comments on this post asking if the owner(s) of the dog were charged. While we understand your concerns we cannot release all of the related facts of this case. We can say that all of the information was gathered and it will be up to the prosecutor to decide if any charges will be filed. This post was made to demonstrate to our community what caring and compassionate officers we have in Ark City. Thank you to all the people who have posted such supportive and caring words for our officers doing a great job. Rest assured that if charges are warranted, they will be filed. For now we would just like to focus on the officers and the great work they did.”

[Photo by Matthias Rietschel/Getty Images]