Why Did Scott Baio Endorse Donald Trump?

Scott Baio has once again stepped out in the limelight, only this time he is not being noticed for his incredible acting ability, but for his political views. This week, the Happy Days actor, a self-proclaimed conservative, spoke at the Republican National Convention, throwing his support behind presidential candidate Donald Trump, who, by the way, actually won the Republican presidential nomination even though many in his own party have fought to block his campaign.

Scott Baio is best known for his character, Chachi, on Happy Days, as well as its spin-off, Joanie Loves Chachi. Mr. Baio has also starred in his own sitcom, Charles in Charge, as well as countless movies, after school specials, and more.

In the following video, Scott Baio discusses how to make America “America” again.

It seems Scott Baio has not made his political views widely known until he jumped on the Trump Train this week. What is so different about this presidential election? Why did Scott Baio go so public with his support of Donald Trump?

In an interview with Fox 8, Scott reveals some of the reasons he feels so strongly about the need for Donald Trump to reside in the White House. Many of Scott Baio’s thoughts echo those of the plethora of American citizens who have fought to bring Donald Trump, who was laughed at and blown off by career politicians when he announced his intent to run, all the way to receiving the Republican nomination.

Confirming he wrote his own speech for the Republican National Convention, Scott Baio laughs about when, and where, he wrote the speech.

“I wrote it in church on Sunday morning, with my daughter sitting next to me. She was getting mad because she knew I wasn’t paying attention.”

On a side note, Scott and Renee Baio’s daughter, Bailey, was thought to have a metabolic disorder when she was born. Though it turned out she did not suffer from this disorder, the experience led Scott Baio and his wife to form the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation to help families whose children are diagnosed with this type of disease.

In a nutshell, Scott explains the reasons why he believes America needs Donald Trump as its next president.

“He is not a career politician. He’s a businessman and the country’s basically a business. We can’t continue with the same policies for the next four years we’ve had for the last eight years. 95 million people out of work, the world is on fire, Obamacare’s a disaster.

“I remember when Reagan was president. I just felt, okay, I’m relaxed. There’s none of that anymore. There’s so much division. And I think to fix the economy, which is priority number one, we can’t keep doing what we’re doing. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result, and that’s what we’re doing.”

The reasons Scott ticks off for his support of Trump is by and large the same as most Trump supporters. While many people feel the same way as Scott Baio, and look to Trump to save our country, he says that The Donald “is not a Messiah,” reports Politico, but rather a normal citizen who desires to make the country better, as stated in the campaign slogan, Make America Great Again.

Scott Baio seems to have taken his seat firmly on the Trump Train, with no thoughts of jumping off. Do you agree with Scott Baio’s endorsement of Donald Trump? Do you think he is an effective speaker for the Trump campaign?

[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]