Men In Black Are Murdering UFO Investigators -- Claim Alien Researchers After Yet Another ‘Mystery Death’

Tim Butters

The "mysterious death" of an alien researcher has re-ignited claims that the "men in black" who work for government agencies like the CIA are systematically murdering UFO investigators.

The men in black are more than just a series of films starring Will Smith and Tommy Jones. According to many, these poker-faced, shade-wearing, humorless, well-dressed chaps apparently appear on the doorstep of anyone who's been abducted by aliens.

They don't make home visits for tea and niceties either. The men in black's sole mission is to prevent people, through foul means or fair, of spilling the beans on anything that is not of this planet.

Traditionally, the men in black turn up if you've recently been abducted by intergalactic visitors.

As if you haven't already got enough on your plate in such diabolical circumstances!

Some say the men in black are actually aliens. Some say they work for the government, and there's even some that say they are a figment of a fevered mind. Whatever! The truth regarding the men in black is out there! Just maybe not on the internet.

The Times of India reports that Mr. Tiwari's death was treated as a suicide, but relatives say, he was a newlywed and appeared untroubled in the days leading up to his death. Thus, they find it hard to comprehend why he would take his own life.

The deceased's father, Uday Tiwari, explained how his son was found unresponsive on the floor of his bathroom with a black line around his neck, which suggested it was death by asphyxia. Another conclusion was he hit his head when he fell, causing a fatal wound.

Until an inquest has taken place, the cause of death can not be fully ascertained, but Mr. Tiwari Sr. revealed that his son told his wife a few weeks prior to his death that "a negative force was pulling him towards it."

As the founder of the Indian Paranormal Society, Mr. Tiwari took part in regular TV shows and investigated thousands of haunted sites prior to his death.

The Express reports that conspiracy theorists have already connected his death to that of other UFO researchers.

On Professor G Cope Schellhorn has posted a list of UFO researchers who met their end in an allegedly suspicious manner.

He claims that more than five dozen people involved in UFO research have died of heart attacks, sudden onset of cancers, and supposed suicides.

Although many take such claims with a pinch of salt, hardcore conspiracy theorists believe the men in black are out there and are busy bumping people off who accidentally or purposefully get too close to "the truth."

This rabbit hole is particularly deep, and at the bottom you'll find a UFO conspiracy theory which suggests that the men in black were behind the assassination of President Kennedy because he wanted to share UFO secrets with the Soviet Union. Not to mention the allegation that Marilyn Monroe was allegedly murdered because she was a little loose-lipped on the subject of aliens.

That is of course, if the men in black are actually real.

Knock! Knock!