Larissa Macriello, John Paul Garcia: Missing Miami Massage Therapist Killed By Married Lover Was Almost 'The Perfect Murder,' Body Not Found On Investigation Discovery

Traciy Reyes

Larissa Macriello, the Miami massage therapist who was murdered by her married lover, John Paul Garcia, three years ago, is the subject of an all-new episode of Investigation Discovery's The Perfect Murder. The episode based on Larissa Macriello's case is titled, "No Happy Ending," which will tell the story of a Latina masseuse who goes missing in Miami, leaving a trail of suspects, including her male clients and even a married lover.

According to the Miami Herald, 45-year-old Larissa Macriello disappeared in Miami, Florida, in June 2013. Though she worked in the city alone, Larissa Macriello always stayed in touch with her family members. When she suddenly stopped making contact with them, her worried brother, Roderick Mokillo, traveled to Miami by plane to find her. Once he arrived at her home, he found one uneaten meal but no sign of his sister, Larissa.

Authorities believe that Larissa Macriello's disappearance had everything to do with her boyfriend, John Paul Garcia, a married bail bond employee with a criminal record that included one previous murder from 1991 and a drug trafficking conviction. Cell phone records show that she last visited John Paul Garcia's home. For a while, the case dragged on until police could find more evidence to link Garcia to the murder.

[embed][/embed] Miami detectives had everything they needed when bank records also showed that on the day Larissa Macriello went missing, John Paul Garcia stole $40,000 out of her account, and he was captured on video driving Larissa Macriello's car. A forensic examination of her car showed blood in the back. Police investigators believe that he used her car to transport her dead body. With this information and more, John Paul Garcia was arrested and charged with her death.

Bail Bondsman Employee's Wife Didn't Know

John Paul Garcia was a husband leading a double life, which included lying to his wife. For years, Annalie Rivero knew something was wrong in their marriage, but she never could have imagined that her husband would be implicated in the murder of his mistress. In fact, she had no idea that her husband was having an affair with Larissa Macriello. Her tearful confrontation with her husband was captured on video. According to Sacbee, the wife can be seen as she tearfully asks her husband for explanations while he vehemently denies having any part in her disappearance or murder.

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