UFO Hoax Investigator Debunks Viral Video: ‘Ominous Alien Spacecraft’ Over New York City Was ‘Hillary For Prison’ Banner

According to a UFO hoax investigator, a viral video purportedly showing an “ominous” black UFO hovering over New York City, “Independence Day-Style,” was, in fact, a “Hillary For Prison” banner flown by Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory website Infowars.

Scott Brando, who runs the website UFOofInterest.org and investigates UFO and alien sighting claims, says he has debunked the video that sparked excited discussion on multiple UFO forums.

According to Brando, Secureteam10’s viral video (see video below), titled “Unknown Visitors? NYC Motorists See Large ‘Ominous Object’ Over City & More,” which purportedly shows a massive UFO hovering over New York City, was, in fact, “the #HillaryForPrison banner towed by a plane.”

Secureteam10 YouTube channel had uploaded on July 16, 2016, the UFO footage allegedly taken by a motorist as he crossed a bridge from New York City to New Jersey.

The footage, which went viral on YouTube and has received more about 500,000 views, sparked discussion in UFO forums, with some UFO enthusiasts comparing the sighting to scenes from the Independence Day movie.

Others speculated fancifully that the mysterious “craft” may have been parked over the city by technologically advanced aliens monitoring Earth and “protecting our solar system and galaxy.”

Secureteam10 narrator Tyler Glockner claimed that he received multiple email reports about the sighting. He claimed that many witnesses told him the UFO was spotted hovering over New York City for several hours.

He also claimed that before he received video clips showing the strange object hovering over New York, he received a report from a resident of Staten Island. The Staten Island resident allegedly claimed that his family heard a strange sound emanating from above. The sound grew louder until the witness felt vibrations.

“One of the emails I received from a source who lives in Staten Island, shortly before this object appeared, said that he began hearing a faint, sort of sound that seemed to grow in loudness to the point where the source said he could actually faintly feel vibrations,” Secureteam10 said.

Secureteam10 then went on to link the strange sound with the hovering UFO. According to the UFO channel, the reported sound was heard in the area where the alleged UFO was sighted.

Secureteam10 had acknowledged that the motorist who filmed the strange object in the sky said he first thought it was a banner being towed behind a plane. But after the witness searched the sky for an airplane and could not find one he concluded he was mistaken. But still puzzled about the identity of the object he sent the footage to Secureteam10.

The UFO channel announced that the object was a massive UFO hovering over New York City.


Before Brando presented video evidence that the alleged UFO was a “Hillary for Prison” banner, skeptics had dismissed the video as yet another hoax by the popular YouTube channel, the Inquisitr reported.

“More nonsense from Secureteam. I can’t believe people still post them as a credible source since they [have] been involved in countless hoaxes.”

The UFO blogger Scott C. Waring, known for endorsing the most outlandish UFO and alien sighting claims, had been cautious in his reaction to the video.

“This is a cool video from NYC that shows a dark object moving slowly over the buildings,” wrote Waring on his blog, UFO Sightings Daily. “The object is hard to make out, but does look about the size of a city bus, so yeah, it would be hard to miss.”

But other UFO enthusiasts had speculated fancifully that the object might have been an alien mothership manned by an extraterrestrial alien race that “monitors Earth to protect our solar system and galaxy.”

“There is an advanced race of beings that monitor Earth to protect our solar system and galaxy,” a UFO believer declared on YouTube. “If necessary, they will make themselves known to the populace of this planet. Some humans are aware of this Council. This may be the year they make their presence known on a global scale.”

Infowars reported on July 17, 2016, that its “Hillary for Prison” banner was spotted in the skies over Cleveland, Ohio, where the Republican National Convention was scheduled to commence on July 18.


The website also uploaded videos showing the banner in the sky.

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