Shannen Doherty Shaves Head Amid Cancer Battle

In August 2015, Shannen Doherty revealed she’s battling breast cancer. In February, the 45-year-old actress guested on The Dr. Oz Show and shared her struggles with cancer and how she’s coping. During the interview months ago, Shannen said that she has yet to undergo treatment, but said that she would be willing to undergo a mastectomy if her doctors decide that it’s the best thing to do. Shannen said that she loved her breasts, but that her life was more important, as said in a report by ET Online.

“Ultimately, they’re just breasts right? I mean, I love them, they’re mine, they’re beautiful, but in the grand scheme of things, I would rather be alive and I would rather grow old with my husband.”

Now, Shannen Doherty is sharing her journey with her fans by sharing pictures of herself while having her head shaved. The six black and white pictures, posted on her official Instagram account, were labeled “Step 1” to “Step 6,” documenting the shaving of her head.

Shannen received plenty of support from her Instagram followers, who described her as a “winner” and an “inspiration.” Many also urged her to stay strong.

Just a few hours before she posted the six images, Shannen posted a picture of chocolates, a cupcake pan, and a razor, giving a hint to her fans of what’s to come by saying, “stay tuned.”

Cupcake pan, chocolates and a razor.... Stay tuned. @annemkortright has got this. #cancersucks #thankgodforfriends

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During the process, Shannen Doherty was accompanied by her friend, Anne Kortright-Shilstat, and her mother, Rosa. Her friend Anne also posted one of the six pictures on her own Instagram account, sharing words of encouragement for her friend.

“I couldn’t be prouder of you today. Your strength and courage is so inspiring and I am so very lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for blindly trusing me today to help you with such a big step. I will forever be there for you no matther what. #f**kcancer”

In a statement released by Shannen Doherty last year to People Magazine, she said, “I am currently undergoing treatment.”

Doherty was forced to reveal her condition when TMZ obtained documents saying that Doherty was suing her former manager for not paying her insurance premiums. That, in turn, caused her health insurance to lapse, and she was not able to have regular checkups, leaving the breast cancer undetected. During her appearance on Dr. Oz’s show, Shannen said that she can no longer have children because of the cancer medication that she is taking.

Her manager released a statement saying, as reported by People, saying, “the claim that Tanner Mainstain caused her to be uninsured, prevented her from seeking medical care, or somehow contributed to her cancer is patently false.”

Shannen is married to photographer Kurt Iswarienko, and he said that the cancer has brought them closer than ever because “it’s one of those times you get to test your mettle as a married couple.”

A bit of food, coffee and lots of love for @kurtiswarienko on his birthday #lovemyman

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Shannen Doherty is best known for her role as Brenda Walsh in the 90s hit show, Beverly Hills 90210 and as Prue Halliwell in the TV series Charmed which ran from 1998 to 2001.

Shannen admitted that her having cancer has affected her career. Luckily, there are still some people who believe that she can still work despite her illness. Doherty will be playing the role of a young Katherina Bukowski, the mother of writer Charles Bukowski, in a biographical film directed by James Franco, which is yet to have a release date. She will also be starring in Mallrats 2, the sequel to Kevin Smith’s 1995 movie, Mallrats.

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