‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: New Preview Shows Someone Collapsing And The Aftermath Of The Shooting On Cassadine Island

An eruption of craziness is about to happen on General Hospital with the hostages that are being held against their will on Cassadine Island. A few more shocking discoveries are expected to be found as well. On Tuesday’s episode, shots were fired and chaos erupted as Nikolas tried to save Ava’s life. Now his own life hangs in the balance because of a long lost family member who wants revenge.

Valentin has come to stake his claim in all that he has missed out in his life. What that means is that he came to Cassadine Island to get hold of the family fortune Nik now has and will do whatever it takes to get it. He forced the young Cassadine prince to sign everything over to him by threatening lives, but now Nik’s life is in danger, as noted by Celeb Dirty Laundry.

On Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Nikolas was shot by Valentin and fell through the window, just like when he faked his own death in Port Charles. Only this time, it really happened, and now he may lose his life trying to protect Ava. CDL also mentioned the fact that maybe Nick Stabile will be replaced by original actor Tyler Christopher the next time we see Nik’s face. Stabile was just a temporary replacement as Tyler was on a personal leave from the show. Fans are anxious to get the original actor back into this storyline.

General Hospital Tyler Christopher.
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Now that Prince Nikolas is badly hurt, it sounds like total chaos will erupt on Cassadine Island. In addition, Laura, Kevin, Lulu, and Dante are planning an escape from the clutches of Valentin’s henchmen. This will all come to a head pretty quick when a few shocking discoveries will be made soon.

General Hospital posted a preview clip on Tuesday showing more of what is about to happen at the Cassadine fortress. In addition to Nik getting shot, it looks like Sam Morgan may have some trouble of her own as well. It is not clear what is really happening with her, but the clip shows her collapsing to the floor while Jason is chained to a chair.

It looks like Sam faints, or maybe it is a distraction so that Jason can save the day. The preview also shows Jason with a gun in his hand confronting the bad guys. It is not clear whether this is before or after Sam collapses. If this whole thing is for real and Sam really is in trouble, it could be that she gets shot as well. However, it sure doesn’t look that way from the clip.

One thing that comes to mind is that there was the big question as to which Davis girl could be pregnant. From Tuesday’s episode, it is now clear that it isn’t Alexis who is having a baby, as she took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. Both Kristina and Molly were both pretty much ruled out as well. So, that would leave their big sister, Sam, who is technically a Davis girl. The show did say that there would be an unexpected twist.

If she did indeed faint on Cassadine Island, it could be that classic pregnancy symptom of fainting that is always shown on daytime TV. Could it be that Sam is the one who is pregnant? This may be a bad time for a new Morgan baby as it has been rumored that the little girl that will be discovered soon on General Hospital could be Jason’s child. The other rumored spoiler says that the girl, Athena, is actually Lulu’s daughter. She is expected to make a horrifying discovery while she is trying to escape. Could it be that Lulu runs into the girl being hidden away on the island?

There is much more to come in the next couple of weeks on General Hospital. Cassadine Island is still full of mysteries that have yet to be discovered, and many lives may be changed before it’s all over with.

What do you think is wrong with Sam Morgan? Will Nikolas survive? Who is this child who has been Jake’s playmate on the island? Stay tuned to see what happens next.

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