Miranda Lambert Talks ‘Heartache & Healing’ As Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Flaunt Their Romance

Miranda Lambert is sharing a heartfelt message about “heartbreak and healing” as ex-husband Blake Shelton and new girlfriend Gwen Stefani continue to go public with their romance.

Lambert took to Instagram to share the emotional message on July 19, where she celebrated her new single “Vice,” her first release since she and Shelton divorced in July 2015, hitting the top spot on iTunes.

“The last year of my life has been one of heartache and healing… Of learning to be honest,” Lambert told her almost three million followers on the social media site, likely referring to her divorce from Blake, though Miranda did not mention her ex-husband by name.

“Accepting the flaws and celebrating the smiles. Finding peace in dark places… having some moments alone with me. Facing fears and feelings… All of them,” Miranda continued in the photo’s caption.

Lambert then went on to tell fans how music has gotten her through the tough year that followed her divorce from Shelton.

“I got to know my guitars…became friends with a pencil and paper… Used melodies to lead me places I had never been,” Miranda wrote. “Made music with my friends. Because music is medicine. This means the world to me. Thank you for joining me on this journey.”

Miranda’s heartfelt social media message comes as Shelton continues to flaunt his love with new girlfriend Gwen Stefani, even taking to the stage with Stefani to perform their duet “Go Ahead And Break My Heart” during her tour stop in Virginia this week.

Blake most recently spoke out about his and Miranda’s divorce, and his subsequent relationship with Stefani, earlier this month, when he claimed that he believes both his break up with Lambert and romance with Gwen were “meant to happen.”

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“This is how my life turned around – and so quickly, too, by the way,” Shelton said during an appearance on the Netflix talk show Chelsea of finding love with Gwen so quickly after his divorce from Miranda. “It’s like, ‘Woah.’ All of this has to be meant to happen; so I made a record about it.”

Handler then asked Blake if his romance with Gwen has made him happier than he’s ever been before, to which Shelton replied, “There’s no question about that. Absolutely no question about that.”

Miranda Lambert is yet to officially speak out about the reports, though her message about “heartache and healing” appears to confirm swirling rumors that “Vice” is actually about her 2015 break up with Shelton.

Us Weekly speculated this week that Miranda’s broken romance with Blake was the inspiration behind the single, claiming that Lambert’s new song lyrics appears to tell the story behind their divorce.

“Another vice, another call, another bed I shouldn’t crawl out of at 7 a.m./With shoes in my hand said I wouldn’t do it, but I did it again/And I know I’ll be back tomorrow night,” the site claims Miranda sings in the track, reporting that the song “might” be about Shelton.

Lambert has yet to confirm the rumors, though E! News revealed last year that Miranda was planning on writing about her and Blake’s split on her upcoming seventh studio album.

“She is always thinking and currently working on new lyrics and song ideas,” a source told E! News of Miranda earlier this year, “and many of those ideas steam from the past, present and future experiences.”

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The reports claiming that Lambert was planning on writing about her Shelton split came after Blake revealed that the twosome’s divorce, as well as his current romance with Gwen, inspired a number of songs on his album, If I’m Honest.

“Miranda is aware of what country artists do when creating new music,” a source told the site about how Lambert feels about Shelton writing about their divorce, adding that Miranda wasn’t actually too worried about the truth coming out in song.

“[Miranda’s] not upset at the lyrics because she knows it’s just how it goes, especially as a country artist,” E! News‘s source said of Lambert.

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