Johnny Manziel In Trouble Again For Fistfight At Hawaiian Resort Wedding

Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again” seems to be Johnny Manziel’s theme song, as once again he finds himself in a fight. This time, it was at a friend’s rehearsal dinner before his wedding in Hawaii. Photos have emerged from the wedding, where Manziel seems to be the only wearing head-to-toe camo gear. Manziel and the other brawler seemed to be poking at each other all night, but it ended in a fist to the face of the other guy.

According to the Inquisitr, Johnny Manziel continues to spiral downward since getting dumped by the NFL, Nike, and his management. Manziel has also been indicted for beating his former girlfriend and holding her hostage in a hotel room. Manziel’s legal and personal problems seem to be mounting, and though Manziel has expressed the belief that he will make it back to the NFL, even his father doesn’t believe that Manziel will have a chance of going back to professional football without some serious rehab and therapy (and perhaps some new friends).


The New York Post claims that while Johnny Manziel said he was now the “new” Johnny Manziel, getting into a drunken fistfight at a wedding sure looks like the old Johnny Manziel. Allegedly, Manziel and the other guy had been adversaries for some time, but at the rehearsal dinner, communications and nasty words broke down into a fistfight, with Manziel delivering a blow to the face of the other guy. The fight was essentially over after the punch by Manziel, and the police were not called. The only injury Manziel faced was some sore fingers, which required some tape.

In the light of day, and with some sobriety, Johnny Manziel thought better of his behavior at the rehearsal dinner and sent a note and some champagne to the guy he punched the night before.

“Truly apologize. Should have never done that. Know this won’t make it better, but hope it starts the day off alright.”


TMZ spoke to sources who say that Manziel swears that he was not the aggressor in the fight and that he felt as he was being hounded by the guy at the Four Seasons Resort. However, he put a stop to that harassment with a punch. Manziel says that fight was over almost before it started.

The next day, Johnny Manziel posed with the groom, and the photo shows Manziel with a bandage on his finger. The groom is in a cream-colored tuxedo, while Manziel is wearing his dress bandana, a T-shirt, and jeans.


The Chicago Tribune ponder whether Johnny Manziel will have a future in football, and if he wants to play in the NFL at all. The people Johnny Manziel knew in his younger years are scratching their heads and trying to figure what happened between then and now. As Johnny Manziel finds himself at the edge of a cliff of self-destruction, his own father now refers to him as a druggie.

Tony Vela, a youth minister who had worked with Manziel and served as a mentor to him, claims he does not know this new Johnny Manziel.

“That’s not the person I know. He’s kind of lost himself right now.”

Manziel’s former high school coach, Mark Smith, says that the trouble started when Manziel went from being just another player on the field. Back then, he listened to Drake, but now he parties with Drake.

“Part of him liked it. But part of him didn’t know how to handle it sometimes.”


But over Christmas, with teams turning their backs on him and legal problems mounting, Johnny Manziel said that it was time for a new Johnny Manziel.

“It’s a job for me now.”

Four days after that statement, Johnny Manziel threw a major party and skipped practice. It seems that with Johnny Manziel, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Do you think Johnny Manziel will ever return to the NFL?

[Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images]