‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: One Houseguest Expresses Fears About Being ‘Beat Up’ By An Ex, The Pressure Is On To Flip The House, Live Feeds To Be Down Longer Than Usual [Spoilers]

Live feeds reveal that not only are Big Brother 18 houseguests worried about who will be evicted this week and trying to make big moves to flip the vote, some cast members are concerned about how their actions are being perceived in the outside world and what awaits them once the show ends. In addition, it has been announced that live feeds will be down longer than usual during a certain period this week.

The main concern about outside perception seems to stem from cuddle sessions that have taken place between Nicole and her showmance, Corey. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the couple’s affection for one another seemed to advance to another level on Monday morning at about 8:45 a.m. Big Brother house time, while other houseguests were still sleeping.

As Daily Hamsterwatch put it, Nicole and Corey became quite “handsy” with one another as they lay in bed. But what exactly happened between the two is pure speculation, as whatever took place was done under bed covers.

The precursor to all this was Corey, seen on live feeds, massaging Nicole’s neck, back, and shoulders. Nicole turned to face Corey and what seemed to be sounds of lips touching, or kissing, could be heard.

On Tuesday evening at about 10:05 p.m., Nicole became very concerned about the relationship she and Corey have, telling Zakiyah the concerns she is having regarding Corey’s ex-girlfriend. When speaking to Zakiyah in the Big Brother 18 Head of Household (HOH) room, Nicole could be heard saying on live feeds, “I’m sure she hates me… I don’t want to have to worry about it… plus, like it’s been a year and a half and she’s still like this… when would it ever stop?” Nicole added, there’s no reason to continue to flirt with Corey, as if there’s an issue with a former girlfriend, her and Corey’s relationship would go nowhere.

Zakiyah told Nicole on live feeds, “That’s not true,” to which Nicole responded, “If she’s going to crawl through his windows and stuff… there’s absolutely no point…” Nicole then had the thought that Corey may be getting close to her to make his ex-girlfriend jealous, an idea Zakiyah quickly shut down.

Trying to allay Nicole’s fears, likely without meaning to do so, Zakiyah sort of gave Nicole a backhanded compliment by telling her that if Corey was trying to get back at his ex-girlfriend, he would choose someone like Natalie to get involved with. Nicole was so wrapped up in “Corey” thought she didn’t catch the comment and went on to say Corey told her that he would never marry his former love.

On live feeds, Nicole reminded Zakiyah that she was present when Corey said his ex-girlfriend is probably going to give him an ultimatum about getting back together because they were in a relationship for years. Nicole also began speculating what Corey’s ex-girlfriend may look like, saying she is probably a beautiful model type.

Nicole could further be heard saying on live feeds, “I definitely don’t want to get beat up” and Zakiyah told her, “You are not going to get beat up… trust me. That will not happen…” Joker’s Updates reports.

Not long after Nicole continued expressing her concerns on live feeds about being “beat up” and fears Corey’s ex-girlfriend may make nasty comments on her social media accounts, Nicole was called to the Big Brother 18 Diary Room.

According to a Twitter post by @BBFeedster, “Nicole is legitimately worried that Corey’s ex-girlfriend is going to beat her up.”

After returning from her Diary Room session, Nicole told Zakiyah things were awkward and Zakiyah reminded her to act normal and things would be fine, according to Joker’s Updates. Nicole and Corey then had a strange interaction in which she approached him as he lay in bed in one of the downstairs bedrooms and asked him to go with her to the HOH room.

According to Joker’s Updates, Corey said, “No,” and Nicole asked him what was wrong. He told her he is just trying to give her space because he thought she wanted that. Nicole responded by saying that she doesn’t want to get “beat up,” at which time live feeds went to the famous Big Brother fish screen that reads, “We’ll Be Right Back.”

Other houseguests, who are concentrating on the game at hand and not on what is going on in the outside world or showmances, were scheming to keep Tiffany in the Big Brother 18 house and send Da’Vonne home. It seems that currently that many houseguests want Tiffany gone, but Frank keeps pushing for Tiffany to stay, which Da’Vonne is very aware of.

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning, Da’Vonne told Zakiyah and Michelle in the HOH room that Tiffany must feel confident – as she’s sleeping while others campaign for her. Michelle could be heard referring to Frank being the “Dictator” talking to other Big Brother 18 houseguests on Tiffany’s behalf. According to Zakiyah, Frank does not talk to her anymore because he thinks she’s Da’Vonne’s spy.

No matter who gets evicted this week, that individual will have a chance to be part of the Big Brother 18 Battle Back competitions, along with Glenn, Jozea, Victor, and Bronte to be aired on Friday, July 22. According to CBS All Access, live feeds will be down a bit longer this week due to the challenge. There is speculation that the feeds will be down from sometime on Thursday, when the Battle Back will likely take place, to Friday after the competitions air to prevent viewers from finding out who is returning to the game prematurely.

Big Brother 18 airs on CBS Wednesday and Sunday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, and Thursday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern Time. Big Brother After Dark airs on Pop Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at 12 a.m. Eastern Time, Tuesday at 11 p.m. Eastern Time, and Thursday at 1 a.m. Eastern Time. Live feeds are broadcast from inside the Big Brother 18 house 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are available from CBS All Access.

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