Bradley Cooper Doesn’t Care Irina Shayk Dressing Down When Not On 'Vogue'

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk has gotten so comfortable with each other in their relationship. Now when they dress down, like way down when they are off duty, they don't seem to bat an eye towards the odd fashion choices.

While Bradley Cooper's off duty sense of style has always been more on the sloppy side of things, Irina has been right on point with everything. But from the pictures of their most recent summer getaway, the Russian beauty was caught in a not-so-flattering garb.

"She is one of the world's most successful models," reports Daily Mail. "But even catwalk stars can't help having the occasional off day - as Irina Shayk proved when she was spotted in Italy on Sunday afternoon. The beauty, 30, was seen with boyfriend Bradley Cooper in Lake Garda, where she sported a rather bizarre-looking accessory in the form of a tin-foil hat."

Turns out, the 30-year-old model had wrapped her hair in tin foil so that she can deep condition her locks before they get damaged from all the heat, coloration, and rough treatment from photoshoots.

While the Vogue model's body still looked amazing in a black bikini, she did have a plush white dressing gown by her, which made her look significantly more on the comfy than fancy side of things.

Bradley Cooper, on the other hand, looked his usual in a grey sweatshirt and pants combo that was very loose. Later that afternoon, when they dressed to go to the airport, he wore faded red bermudas and a black polo. Looks like Irina will have to teach him a thing or two.

Bradley and Irina are recovering from a nasty bout of breakup rumors that they faced right after Wimbledon Championships. They were captured on the broadcast, seemingly having an argument, in which Irina was shedding some tears.

"Bradley Cooper's girlfriend, Irina Shayk, caused a bit of a scene during the finals on Sunday as she appeared to be crying at one point during the match, turning away from her actor boyfriend and wiping her face," reports E! Online.

But it turned out that the actor was looking askance, not at his girlfriend, but at retired tennis star Stefan Edberg, who was sitting right by the Vogue model. As for her tears, it came out that Irina was only crying because of pollen in the air.

Other than the occasional drama of dating a Hollywood star, Irina Shayk is doing very well. Her career is going as well as ever, which is the reason why, even during her holidays, she does not forget about taking care of her hair. She just posted on Instagram about the most recent spread she did for Vogue Magazine.

But this is not a big news for her as she has been posing for Vogue for years. Just the other day, she posted about another spread she did for Vogue Germany.Bradley Cooper has also been stepping up his game as well. While he has had the past few weeks to take easy, the latest news on his Hollywood career is that he found the star he needed to go forward with his directorial debut.

He was probably disappointed that "Beyoncé dropped out of [his] directorial debut," but it looks like with the news replacement, Lady Gaga, he will be able to craft the film that he has in mind.

"Bradley flew out to direct Gaga in the audition himself, and she knocked it out of the park. Then he personally took the tape to Warner Bros. to get approval," a source told Page Six..

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[Photo by Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP Images]