‘Pretty Little Liars’ Proposal: Spoilers From Showrunner Reveal What Happens Next After The #PLLProposal, When Fans Will Learn The Answer

Pretty Little Liars had a proposal and a frustrating ending on Tuesday, but now the popular ABC Family drama’s showrunner is spilling the details on what will come next after the surprising finish.

Anticipation had been building all week as #PLLProposal went wild on Twitter.

[WARNING: Pretty Little Liars spoilers are ahead]

While there was plenty of speculation as to which characters would be featured in the proposal, viewers on Tuesday watched as Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) proposed to Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) — but they never got to see Lucy’s answer.

The proposal scene itself was romantic and a bit of a surprise both to Aria and to fans. Ezra had texted Aria to meet him at The Brew, and she arrived to find the inside covered in candles. Ezra delivered a heartwarming speech about their love, got down on one knee, and held out a ring. The episode ended before Aria could answer.

“It is a dun-dun-duuuuun ending,” showrunner Marlene King told ET. “But it’s so beautiful.”

But King hinted that Ezra’s decision to ask Aria to marry him may not be the only #PLLProposal in the future, and that others could soon be following the couple.

“Well, we’re not saying that in the future that others also might not have their moment,” she said. “We plotted this out when we first started this year, and we just thought because they were the first couple, we thought they should be the first to get engaged.”

Who could be the next Pretty Little Liars proposal? King didn’t get into specifics, but many fans have been itching to see Alison and Emily take their relationship to the next level. In the build-up to Tuesday’s episode, they were a strong bet from Hollywood Life to be the proposal that the show had been teasing all week.

But King noted that there was something special about the relationship between Ezra and Aria that made them the first proposal on Pretty Little Liars. She said much of it had to do with the palpable chemistry between Harding and Hale, who have grown together along with the characters they play.

“As they’ve grown in this show, and their characters have grown up, it’s sort of just one of those relationships that’s undeniable, I would say,” she noted, adding that showrunners thought about having Ezra propose back in the fifth season but decided to wait.

Fans will now have to wait as well, as King noted that producers decided a cliffhanger was the best way to go for Tuesday’s episode.

“Well, you know, [PLL co-executive producer] Bryan Holdman wrote the episode and he really wanted [to do it]. I was like, “The fans are going to kill you, Bryan!” But he was like, “I just really want it to be a cliffhanger!” and I really give the credit of that to Bryan. He really wanted it to be a cliffhanger ending, so I said, “You go for it!” And I think it turned out really, really well.”

It may have turned out well from the show’s standpoint, but fans were left mostly anxious to find out just how Aria will answer the Pretty Little Liars proposal. Many went online to vent their frustration and share their hopes that one of the most beloved couples will be walking down the aisle together.

But fans who want to know Aria’s answer to the Pretty Little Liars proposal won’t have to wait much longer, King noted. She confirmed to ET that the answer to the #PLLProposal would definitely come in the very next episode — but unfortunately for fans, there will be an extra week to wait. The next episode is set to air on August 2.

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