Kate Middleton Topless Photos Published By Irish, Italian Magazines

The French Magazine Closer caused a royal controversy earlier this week when it published topless photos of Kate Middleton. The Royal family has threatened legal action against the magazine but that isn’t stopping other tabloids from publishing the Duchess’ naked photos.

The Irish Daily Star has already published the images and Italian magazine Chi plans on publishing the photos later this week.

The Royal Family is livid over the photo scandal and has chastised French magazine Closer for giving greed priority over integrity. A spokeswoman for Prince William said: “There can be no motivation for this action other than greed.”

But Irish Daily Star editor Mike O’Kane doesn’t see what all the fuss is about. O’Kane acknowledges that the photos could cause a controversy in the UK since Middleton will one day be the Queen. But in Ireland, well, she’s just another pretty celebrity.

O’Kane said:

“I did this as a service to our readers, I’m a little taken aback by the reaction in the UK… It only seems to be an issue in the UK because she is your future queen. But from our point of view in Ireland, Kate Middleton is just another of the fantastic line of celebrities.”

The Royal Family has not said if it plans to pursue legal action against the Irish tabloid. Regardless, the photo scandal is only going to grow. French magazine Closer claims that it has more naked, and more explicit, photos of Kate Middleton. French Magazine Chi also said that it plans on publishing more photos. Chi said that it will publish 26 pages of photos. It’s unclear if the new photos will resulted in more topless pictures of Kate Middleton.

Alfonso Signorini, Chi’s editor-in-chief, said:

“It is a story worth publishing in an extraordinary edition because it shows in a natural light the everyday life of a very famous contemporary young couple in love… The fact that they happen to be the future king and queen of England certainly makes it more interesting and current, and in line with today’s concept of monarchy.”

What do you think of the Kate Middleton photo scandal? Should tabloids have more respect for Duchess of Cambridge? Or is she just another celebrity with topless photos?