Chrissy Teigen: Illuminati Association, Celebrity Drama & Paparazzi, Teigen Reveals All Via Twitter

Chrissy Teigen has become a Hollywood insider…for a few hours at least. Teigen revealed what life as a celebrity is like during her candid Q & A session with followers via Twitter on Monday, July 18. Teigen had many insightful things to say about celebs and Hollywood life, according to Us Weekly. Chrissy certainly welcomed all questions.

“I’m here to be your c-list-married-to-Oscar-winner insider.”

Chrissy Enjoys A Good Drink!

One follower asks Teigen how celebrities deal with uncomfortable comments made by other celebrities during award shows.

Is Chrissy Teigen Apart Of The Illuminati?

John Legend has long been associated with the illuminati, a secret society made up of elite “world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, and other influential members of this planet.” When a fan asked Teigen if she was associated with the illuminati also, Teigen replied with humor.

How Do Famous People Introduce Themselves To One Another?

A follower asked Teigen how a famous person might introduce themselves. “Do famous people introduce themselves to other famous people they’ve never met?…They do. And whoever is the lesser celebrity giggles and goes, ‘Oh, I know!!’ and the other celeb smirks annoyingly.”

Networking In Hollywood and Staged Paparazzi Photos

Teigen revealed the truth about networking in Hollywood.

“‘[The] my people will call your people’ scenario is actually real. Yes…We are incapable of handling our own lives and need to be coddled like children.”

How do celebrities get their photos taken while out and about? The Sports Illustrated model, 30, had an interesting answer and gave an inquiring fan the 411 on West Hollywood hot spots, according to Vanity Fair.

“You just go to a pap-ridden restaurant like Craig’s or Nice Guy duhhhh!”

Celebrity Code Names

If Teigen’s phone (or any celebrity’s phone) went missing, there would be a ton of celebrities whose privacy would be at risk. Teigen gave a follower some good info on how celebs hide their contact information from the public.

do famous people have other famous people as their names under their contacts or have nicknames?”

Teigen admitted celebrities use code names to save other celebs into their cell phone, “Code names, like cheating spouses,” Teigen replied.

The cookbook author answered many more questions by fans, including how do celebs know if a family member, friend or another celeb likes their tweet or Instagram post?

“How do famous people know if one of their in real life friends liked their insta pic or not? @Chrissyteigen.”

Teigen responded swiftly and revealed some social media secrets. “Set to ‘people you follow’ notifications only!”

Using Hubby’s Name For Dinner Reservations With Girlfriends

Funny enough, Teigen said she uses husband John Legend’s name to secure better tables at restaurants. Ordering delivery is not a problem as Teigen discovered a way to go incognito from adoring fans; she has her mother, Vilailuck answer the door.

“Unless I feel like getting on their phone and saying ‘Hi’ to their niece’s friend’s aunt.”

As for basic household amenities such as toilet paper, Teigen says many celebs use Amazon!

“do famous people go out and buy their own toilet paper and febreeze and stuff or does someone do it for you?”

Today Teigen continued answering questions from her followers, including a question about her newborn daughter, Luna.

Chrissy Teigen Discusses Melania Trump

When a fan asked what Chrissy thought about Melania Trump’s outfit for last night’s republican convention, Teigen also threw in some commentary on the most recent Melania Trump vs. Michelle Obama plagiarism controversy.

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