Bucket List Bandit Captured By FBI

Three months, nine states, and 10 bank robberies later the Bucket List Bandit has been caught.

Michael Brestwer, 54, earned the nickname the “Bucket List Bandit” due to his unusual robbery technique. Brester would enter a bank and tell the bank teller that he had a gun and only a few months to live. Apparently, Brewster’s message of desperation enabled him to rob 10 banks across nine states.

Brewster was arrested earlier this week during a routine traffic stop near the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma when police noticed that the bandit was driving a stolen car.

According to ABC, the Bucket List Bandit’s arrest came just a few days after a bank robbery in Pennsylvania. After the man’s 10th robbery, the FBI started a campaign, placing Brewster’s face on billboards, posters, television and the internet.

Law enforcement expert and crime analyst Rod Wheeler said:

“Was this guy really terminally ill or was he just trying to be a mastermind? The fact that this guy committed not one…but a total of 10 bank robberies is a little startling… And the fact that he got away with these crimes is even more startling.”

Brewster may not have been terminally ill but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t desperate. According to ABC, the Bucket List Bandit was kicked out of his apartment a few days before committing his first robbery.