Britney Spears New Album: ‘Private Show’ Confirmed As Track On Anticipated 2016 Record

Britney Spears’ new album is expected to be released sometime in 2016, though the pop star has yet to announce a date. Just days after the release of her hit single “Make Me,” Spears has confirmed another track on her new album. Several fans got excited when they heard a very small snippet of the potential new song “Private Show,” which was featured in Spears’ first ad for her latest perfume with the same name. Now, it seems as though the snippet is the real deal!

Britney Spears new album
Britney (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

On Tuesday, Spears posted a behind-the-scenes video from her shoot for the perfume. In said video, Britney says that the name of the perfume was inspired by a song.

“I wanted to do something this time that was different… I personally like guy scents. There’s a spice and a flavor to guy scents that really makes me excited and turns me on. And we thought it would be really cool to do something sexy. And I think that’s fun for girls. ‘Private Show’ is inspired by a sexy song and it promotes feeling vibrant and alive,” Spears said.

Britney Spears’ new album is right around the corner, given the fact that she just released her first single from the record. According to Hollywood Life, Spears is really thrilled about the success of “Make Me” and feels really confident about the tracks that she has recorded for her new album.

“Britney is really proud of her new song. She is absolutely thrilled that everyone is talking about it and that it’s doing so well. She really put her all into this new album and took her time choosing the songs. She worked on it for almost two years because she wanted it to be perfect. Britney would be the first to tell you she is a perfectionist,” shared a source.

The title of Britney Spears’ new album hasn’t yet been released either, but it’s very possible that it could also be called Private Show. For now, fans have nicknamed the record “B9” as it’s Britney’s ninth studio album.

Fans are anxiously awaiting the music video for “Make Me,” which recently leaked online briefly before being taken down. It is presumed that Britney will release the music video in the coming weeks.

Britney Spears new album
Britney Spears (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

As far as “Make Me” goes, just how big will the song end up being for Britney Spears? According to Billboard, it’s proving to be quite a success so far and could wind up being up there with some of Spears’ biggest hit singles — a couple of which have been collaborations. That potentially means that this could be one of Britney’s biggest singles — ever!

“Following a full first week of sales and streaming (ending July 21), ‘Make Me’ should blast onto the Aug. 6-dated Hot 100, whose top 10 will be revealed a week from tomorrow, on Monday, July 25. It could arrive as Spears’ first top 10 since early 2013, when ‘Scream & Shout, with, reached No. 3. Spears’ last Hot 100 No. 1 (her fifth) as a lead artist? ‘Hold It Against Me,’ which debuted at No. 1 on Jan. 29, 2011. She landed her last No. 1 overall as featured on Rihanna’s ‘S&M’ (April 30, 2011).”

Britney Spears’ last album, Britney Jean was released in 2013. Since then, she released the song “Pretty Girls” featuring Iggy Azalea, which many thought would lead to an album release. It has been over a year since that song hit the airwaves, however. It’s unknown if “Pretty Girls” will even be on Britney’s new album.

Are you excited for Britney Spears’ new album? Did you think that “Private Show” was the name of another track? Do you think that Britney will release the song as a single?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]