‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ Season 2 Full-Length Red Band Trailer A Hit [Video]

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 on Starz has just dropped its first full-length trailer just ahead of Comic Con 2016 in San Diego this year. For those horror movie and TV fans, the trailer is going to give you something to cheer about, considering it does not hold back on any of the over-the-top gore and groovy one-liners delivered by Bruce Campbell himself.

For those who watched Season 1 of Ash vs Evil Dead, then Season 2 is poised to bring you more of the bloody thrills and gory kills, alongside all of the comedy that has been present in the Evil Dead franchise ever since Army of Darkness in 1992.

Apparently, according to TV Line, this Ash vs Evil Dead trailer is little too much for Comic Con in San Diego, so they are premiering it online instead. Although the Season 2 trailer for Ash vs Evil Dead is indeed gory, it lacks many of the things that would make it not suitable for TV. But that really depends on the audience’s tolerance for blood-spattering gore and cheesy one-liners that Ash is so famous for.

Starz has certainly been enchanted by the magic of Ash vs Evil Dead, given they renewed the series for Season 2 before the first season even premiered. Although the show has certainly seen its fair share of gore, there really is more to Ash vs Evil Dead than just the bloody horror.

For those who are wondering, Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 is going to start off in Jacksonville with Ash, Kelly, and Pablo partying down and having a fantastic time with what appears to be college coeds. Ash violently sticks his chainsaw through a keg of beer and the party gets started with some cliché moments of youth lust and debauchery. But the gore was just around the corner.

Warning: Video below contains graphic scenes

Take a moment, if you will, to consider just what the Evil Dead franchise is really all about. If you consider what truly defines the franchise, then you will likely come to the conclusion that it is all about that glamorous gore and horror that fans of the genre have followed for decades now. In the end, the macabre is something that fascinates people just as much as comedy.

The Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 trailer quickly segued into the ominous presence that only the Necronomicon can bring out. The Deadites are back and it seems as though Ruby, although she was revealed to be the evil creator of the book, has had a change of heart and wants to put the demons back in the box.

Ash gets that gloating moment in the trailer when she shows up to ask him for his help. But the ego of Ash Williams is far too big to simply say yes and help the woman. He broke out with a classic case of Ash Williams one-liners and the gore and comedy levels just kept amping up from there.

Even Kelly, who kicked major butt in Season 1 of Ash vs Evil Dead, was a prominent comedy player in her scenes on this Season 2 trailer.

“That is horrible… and also awesome!” Kelly told Ash after he blew the head off a Deadite woman.

“Which is everything that I do,” Ash responded.

Season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead will be coming back to Starz this year during everyone’s favorite holiday season. But it will not be premiering on the day of Halloween, which was when it premiered last year on Starz.

Ash vs Evil Dead will also be serving up a little fan action this year at Comic Con, which Rolling Stone reports will be the first episode of Season 2.

[Image via Starz]