Melania Trump Gets A Pass For Plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s Speech, It Would Have Cost Obama The Presidency

On Monday night, Melania Trump repeated significant portions of Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech. That’s for certain, and this is called plagiarism. Whether “the Donald’s” wife or a speech writer committed the deed, we don’t know, but someone did it and should admit it when it’s brought to their attention. Confession remains good for the soul.

Now all writers, speech and other, who make a living with their wordsmith skills, know that once they’ve written something, it’s best to run it through Copyscape or some other plagiarism checker. There are instances where people have eerily similar thoughts, and if work shows up as plagiarized, it has to be changed, or the letter “P” will remain branded on the writer.

Now it just so happened that a laid-off journalist, Jarrett Hill, who also has an excellent memory and an eye, and apparently an ear, for detail was sitting in a Starbucks and listening to the possible future first lady’s Republican National Convention speech last night. Familiar verbiage caught his ear, and he did something that the average American does every day — “google it.” Hill found undeniable similarities between parts of the speech Melania Trump was giving and Michelle Obama’s, per the New York Times.

Below is a side-by-side video comparison.

The striking similarities are quite noticeable. However, the Trump camp is in denial and says Melania only used common phrases. The day before the speech, she claimed to have written most of the speech herself, “with little help,” per the Los Angeles Times. Is it possible that some of the help was watching political convention speeches of former first ladies and taking verbatim notes on what could be included in her own? Another possible scenario is a clueless speech writer who doesn’t know how to perform Internet searches or who, for some strange reason, didn’t like Donald and chose to take it out on his wife. Could there possibly be a Clinton mole at the RNC? It’s best to ferret out the culprit while there’s still time.

In the above CBS interview, Donald Trump Jr. seems peeved when the interviewer asks about the touchy plagiarized speech situation, and junior Trump evades the issue, saying, “That’s not what we’re here to talk about.” He also said that Melania Trump “did excellently.” Since when did repeating someone else’s verbiage word-for-word become part of an amazing speech? He also said that the speech writers should have “cleaned it up better,” according to CBS News.

Now, going back to the future, imagine that Michelle Obama pilfered lines from a Laura Bush speech. Do you think that would have affected the then Democratic nominee’s chance of being elected? Surely, Michelle would have been called out, referred to as a liar, dumb, a n***er, etc. Think about it: She gave an insightful 2008 DNC speech, has been a gracious first lady, speaks out for the rights of all human beings, and she’s been called the N-word and more, and all of this after her husband was elected president — twice. Both she and her husband have an excellent education and were both said to have acquired their formal schooling, law degrees, and current status through affirmative action, which mostly helps white women.

The Melania Trump RNC speech isn’t the only irregularity with the former model. On her website, there is a biography that claims she began a modeling career at age 16. By age 18, she was traveling from her hometown of Slovenia to Milan, then Paris, and eventually, New York. The write-up states that she received a degree in design and architecture from the University of Slovenia, which is not true. There’s a pattern here, which should be noted.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]