Twitter Verification: Will New Twitter Verification Process Diminish The Importance Of The Twitter Badge?

Twitter is now letting anyone apply for a verification badge. This is great news to all budding social media celebrities, but will this relatively new easy access diminish the importance of the almighty Twitter badge?

Twitter has around 320 million monthly active users and only 187,000 verified accounts. It’s uncertain why Twitter is deciding to open the verification process to the public.

“We want to make it even easier for people to find creators and influencers on Twitter so it makes sense for us to let people apply for verification…We hope opening up this application process results in more people finding great, high-quality accounts to follow and for these creators and influencers to connect with a broader audience.”

Now, all you need to do is fill out a form and include a verified phone number, email address, your profile photo, and other personal information. You must also include a valid reason as to why the verification badge makes sense for you or your industry. The application will then go through a vetting process in which Twitter decides whether or not your account makes the cut.

What Is A Verified Twitter Account?

The meaning of Twitter verification has shifted lately; however, some rules still apply. The blue verified badge on Twitter informs people the social media account of the one in question is authentic. This badge will appear next to the Twitter account’s name in search results, according to Twitter. The verification badge is also useful for those using Twitter for work purposes. The badge allows users to get their information straight from the source.

A couple of rules to consider with a Twitter badge: First, you must not protect your tweets (or switch your account to Private). Second, changing your Twitter username will suspend your Twitter badge rights.

Many people will fake verification badges by displaying it somewhere else on their profile including their profile photo, header photo, or bio section. Obviously, these are not real verified accounts. Verified badges are only applied by Twitter staff. If anyone is caught using a fake Twitter badge in their profile photo or even background photo, their account can be permanently suspended.

Importance Of Verified Accounts

When Twitter verification was first introduced in 2009, it was a way to protect public figures from being impersonated. The celebs would prove their identity to the social media service in order to be granted little blue checkmarks next to their names. Now, celebrities, politicians, brands, and so on have legitimate accounts.

Many people believe that being able to apply for verification will diminish the importance of the verification badge. Others feel this a step in the right direction for social media influencers and the like. According to The Verge, many feel the same tools given to verified accounts combat bullying and harassment and should be available to all. For example, Twitter allows verified users to filter their notifications to only show replies, likes or mentions by other verified users.

Twitter Accounts Verification Guidelines

It’s unclear whether Twitter will open the application process to everyday people or stick with their current practice of granting the badge to public figures and industry leaders. Currently, if the Twitter account is of public interest, then it may be verified. Accounts of public interest include Twitter users involved in music, acting, politics, religion, media, sports, business or the government.

Twitter was the first social media platform to introduce account verification in 2009. Twitter currently has close to 187,000 verified accounts. One of the first verified accounts was @CDCgov. This account was verified in order to help citizens find authentic and accurate public health information from the source. Other first accounts to be verified include @KimKardashian, @Oprah, @TonyHawk, @NASAArmstrong,@MilwaukeePolice, and @SF311.

The application process begins today and will be available worldwide later this week. Think you’re at Twitter verification status? You can apply to verify your Twitter account here!

[Photo by Bethany Clarke/Stringer/Getty Images]