‘Ominous’ Black UFO Looms Over New York City: Drive-by Video Goes Viral

Another video of a massive Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) caught flying over New York City is making rounds on the internet. Shot by a motorist in a moving vehicle, the video caught the huge, dark object as it moved over the cityscape. But once it was uploaded to the internet, the debate as to whether or not it was actually a UFO was on…

The Daily Star reported July 18 that a recently shot video captured what appeared to be a “huge, black object floating in the sky” above New York City. The video itself, which was passed along to and uploaded by UFO investigating Secure Team to YouTube, was originally taken from a passing vehicle, and the dark UFO can be seen off in the distance. The object was estimated to be large enough that it would have been visible from nearby New Jersey as well.

The video, which has kicked off considerable debate as to what the Unidentified Flying Object actually might be since it was launched on July 16 on YouTube, went viral and had pulled in over 200,000 views in a couple of days, according to RT. In three days’ time, the number of views had nearly surpassed the half million plateau.

Tyler Glockner, the ever-present voice of the Secure Team videos, noted that there were “multiple” sources that claimed to have seen the “large, and I mean large, black, strange-looking object” in the sky over New York City. He said one source sent an email from Staten Island saying that prior to the UFO’s appearance, “he [the source] began hearing a faint, sort of vibrational staticky sound that seemed to grow in loudness to the point where the source said he could actually faintly feel vibrations.” Glockner said this was just one of many UFOs of late that have prompted people to speculate that “we are on the precipice of a visitation.”

But not everyone is in agreement that the New York UFO is actually anything anomalous or otherworldly. One YouTube commenter asked if the UFO had “Goodyear” written on it, while another said the video had simply wasted his time. And mike carr wondered, if the dark object was so odd, why more people did not capture it on video or in photos: “Interesting video Tyler but one or two persons couldn’t have been the only ones who snapped this thing on video especially over a big city like New Jersey [York] but still very strange indeed!”

While several commenters chided Glockner for posting the video in the first place, there were several that wanted to know why nobody with a smartphone was directly under the UFO or why those filming from the car wouldn’t drive toward the object when they had the chance. Some users found the UFO ominous.

RT posted a poll asking readers what they thought the UFO might be. Nearly a third thought that the object might be controlled by “aliens,” while just one percent less thought it could very well be the government “trying out a new drone.” Just over a quarter of the respondents said it might be a blimp. Only 11 percent (at the time of this posting) of respondents thought the black object might be just “some sort of regular aircraft.”

This is the second video in a week where a UFO was spotted in New York City and the image captured the interest of the internet. Express reported that an odd, rocket-shaped object flying near the World Trade Centers Ground Zero site was caught in a photo by tourists. The observer reported the sighting to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), an organization that collects UFO-related reports and investigates them, saying he would like the image analyzed. And he may already have one, although it seems that the UFO might be something altogether quite familiar. According to Express, forensic UFO investigator Scott Brando produced comparison slides of birds in flight that show how the rocket-shaped object could be a bird snapped while its wings were drawn in alongside its body.

[Image via Shutterstock]