Epic Rant: Dan Sileo, WQAM Host, Blasts Miami Hurricanes Football Team [Listen]

Dan Sileo, WQAM Miami radio talk show host, was not pleased when the University of Miami Hurricanes football team lost to Kansas State 52-13 last Saturday, and he made his feelings very evident during his show.

Sileo, who was a defensive lineman on the 1983 Miami championship team, was particularly upset with the the way the current defense played. The Miami defensive squad allowed nearly 500 yards in the loss to Kansas State. During his three-minute partially NSFW emotional rant, Sileo said that “I’m going to have an aneurism the next time I see somebody not hit somebody.”

He also said that when the opposing quarterback tries a quarterback sneak, he wants a Miami player to “pull a knife and stick ’em.”

Sileo was obviously speaking metaphorically, but since some Miami players have found themselves over the years on the wrong side of the law, it probably was not the best way to encourage players to become more aggressive on defense.

The Hurricanes are heavy favorites against Bethune-Cookman this afternoon, so Sileo may be able to rest easy for one week anyway.

The University of Notre Dame’s games with Miami, dubbed by Irish fans in the late 1980s as “Catholics vs. Convicts,” still is considered one of the most heated feuds in college football history. The two schools are now renewing this rivalry starting in the 2012 season.

The Miami Hurricanes won national championships in 1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, and 2001, but since then have fallen on hard times. The football program has also been involved in various scandals and controversies. The Hurricanes are said to have the most active players in the NFL of any university in the nation.

Listen to Dan Sileo go off on the Miami Hurricanes football team:

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