WWE News: Speculation on Samoa Joe Being Moved to the Main Roster During Tonight’s WWE Draft

It has been well documented that tonight’s WWE Draft on SmackDown will feature six draft picks from NXT. There has been a lot of speculation over the past few months about who is moving to WWE’s main roster from NXT. Finn Balor has essentially been confirmed on social media. Nia Jax has been confirmed by Dave Meltzer. Even Corey Graves is expected to be drafted to SmackDown, and several others are rumored to be drafted tonight as well.

However, there hasn’t been much speculation about the current NXT Champion moving to Raw or SmackDown during tonight’s WWE Draft. On paper, Joe should be the first choice to be drafted to WWE’s main roster because he is the NXT Champion. It is doubtful that WWE officials want to destroy the NXT brand, so NXT will need some veterans to stay after tonight’s WWE Draft.

Samoa Joe is in the middle of a title reign after finally winning the NXT title from Finn Balor after almost a year of feuding. Since Joe just won the title, he will want to finish what he started, but you could say that about many of the NXT superstars who will be drafted tonight. Could Samoa Joe also be drafted to Raw or SmackDown tonight during the WWE Draft?

Samoa Joe Being Drafted to the Main Roster

WWE.com posted an article earlier today analyzing the accomplishments of NXT’s top stars, and the impact they would make if they were selected to Raw or SmackDown during tonight’s WWE Draft. The list is a who’s who of the current roster in NXT. Since as many as six of them could be drafted, WWE wanted to give a brief introduction to the WWE Universe about the best NXT has to offer the WWE Draft.

The following excerpt was written about Samoa Joe’s accomplishments in the wrestling industry and the possibility of Joe being drafted by Stephanie’s Raw or Shane’s SmackDown tonight to add more accolades to the veteran’s resume.

“A 17-year veteran of the squared circle, Samoa Joe has had one goal since arriving in NXT: destruction. He’s achieved that in spades, demolishing everyone in his path. The submission specialist and reigning NXT Champion bulldozed the demonic Finn Bálor to win the title, and is certainly looking to carve a path of carnage throughout WWE. An unmatched force in the squared circle, Samoa Joe should be near the top of any GM’s draft board.”

Samoa Joe Prepares For a Match
[Image via WWE.com]

There is no question that Samoa Joe would be successful on Raw or SmackDown if he were drafted. Joe has been successful over his entire career no matter where he has wrestled in the industry. His current title reign with the NXT Championship proves that NXT and WWE will be no different for “The Samoan Submission Machine.” As Joe put it best on Twitter, he’ll either rule NXT as an empire or WWE will move him to the main roster, and he will be the one pick that changes everything.

The potentially great thing about Samoa Joe on WWE’s main roster is not only about the seventeen-year veteran finally being on the biggest stage the industry as to offer. Joe coming to Raw or SmackDown in the WWE Draft is a golden opportunity to have several dream matches that wrestling fans thought they would never see in WWE.

For example, few believed that we would ever see John Cena vs. AJ Styles in a WWE ring, but John Cena vs. Samoa Joe is just as intriguing in a slightly different way. Styles is agile, so much of his wrestling comes from the air. Joe’s is mat and submission based. Cena wouldn’t have the strength advantage over Samoa Joe the same way he does against Styles. It would be a very different style of match. There is a unique appeal to Cena vs. Joe, which would be a great feud for both men after Summerslam.

The list of talent for Samoa Joe to work with on WWE’s main roster is a mile long with several dream match scenarios. That is a testament to the experience and skill of Samoa Joe. The fact is that WWE may be too tempted by the possibilities to keep Joe in NXT. The WWE Universe isn’t going to have to wait much longer to find out if Samoa Joe will be one of the “NXT six” drafted tonight, but Samoa Joe would be a game changer. He could establish an empire across two brands of WWE.

[Image via WWE.com]