Farrah Abraham Called Out By Patti Stanger On ‘Million Dollar Matchmaker’ [Video]

Farrah Abraham has been all over the place with new business ventures while also keeping herself involved with Teen Mom OG. A new season of the show is set to begin next month, just in time for new drama. Abraham has been in the news a lot lately regarding her decisions about her young daughter, Sophia. She has been raising her as a single parent because her father died before she was even born. While it has been a tough road, Abraham hasn’t exactly been labeled “parent of the year” by critics.

To say that Farrah Abraham has been unlucky in love would be an understatement. She has dated on and off since Sophia’s birth, with Simon Saran being one of the only long-term relationships shown to the world. That fell apart after Abraham tried hard to push her daughter on him. While he did come back and has been in and out of her life for quite some time now, it just isn’t going to be a forever thing. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Farrah Abraham is set to appear on Million Dollar Matchmaker this Friday. Patti Stanger is the matchmaker, and she is incredibly familiar to those who watched her old show on a different network. Abraham will be appearing on WEtv, and it appears that Stanger is going to get a good dose of what working with the reality star is really like.

The trailer for Farrah Abraham’s appearance reveals that Patti Stanger is not going easy on the Teen Mom OG star. She talks to her about the porn business and why it is so hard for her to get a date. There is a lot happening in a short amount of time and in true Farrah fashion, she turns on the crocodile tears. That seems to be her way of roping people into buying whatever it is she is selling. Abraham has also taught her daughter the trick, which is why she receives a lot of backlash about her parenting choices. It appears that she doesn’t end up finding someone to spend her life with, especially since she has not mentioned someone special or posted photos with a man on her social media accounts. Abraham is all about showing off, even if what she is doing would be considered overkill by most.

Most recently, Farrah Abraham made headlines for what Dr. Drew Pinsky said about her. In an interview, he was asked about which Teen Mom star he would choke if given the chance. Pinsky’s response was Abraham, which set her off. The context in which he said it was not bad, he even went on to explain how much she has grown up since the beginning. Despite his backhanded compliment, Abraham went off about him. She indicated she no longer feels safe to film with him and doesn’t want him around her child. There was a big speech about how he probably wants to sleep with her because he talks about her career in the pornography business. Teen Mom OG fans were shocked at how far it escalated. With Abraham, everything is a big deal even if most people would think it is not.

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Friday’s appearance on Million Dollar Matchmaker should be interesting for Farrah Abraham fans. There is some anticipation for her interaction with Patti Stanger and the men she is planning to set up with Abraham. The fact that she doesn’t end up long term with someone rich has some disappointed, especially since this could have made for really great television. Everything with Farrah Abraham is about exposure, even if what she is trying doesn’t work out well.

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