Trump Tower New York Fire: One-Alarm Fire With President Donald Trump Away Cause Could Be Electrical [Photos]

A fire has broken out at Trump Tower New York that seems almost poetic, according to social media users, considering the fire and fury surrounding President Donald Trump's administration amid the best-selling book Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House by Michael Wolff. As reported by NBC's Today show in the below video, firefighters were spotted atop Trump Tower battling a fire that could be electrical in nature, with no reported injuries at this time.

The New York Fire Department confirmed the fire at Trump Tower, as reported by the Mirror, with videos and photos like those posted below showing firefighters battling a smoky fire on top of Trump Tower. NBC called the blaze a one-alarm fire while noting that President Donald Trump was not in Trump Tower at the time of the fire.

The Daily Mail reports that the cause of the Trump Tower fire was related to an HVAC box overheating on the roof.

Additional photos and videos from the Instagram geo-tag location named "Trump Tower New York" can be seen below. As reported by CBS News, the fire at Trump Tower happened near the rooftop of the New York City skyscraper on Monday morning, shortly before 7 a.m. Trump Tower includes spaces for both offices and for personal residences, with some folks posting photos and videos to Twitter and Instagram of the fire.

As a result of the fire at Trump Tower, Google Trends reported a surge in various terms related to the blaze. Breakout and popular terms such as "fire at Trump Tower" and "Trump Tower on fire" are joining variations like "fire in Trump Tower" and "Trump Tower fire NYC" to surge to the top of the list as folks try and determine what caused the fire to break out at the popular building.
Thus far, the cause of the blaze is unknown and still being investigated, as further information about the fire at Trump Tower New York is uncovered. As of now, social media is filling with photos and videos of people who noticed the blaze and smoke billowing out the top of the famous landmark and posted photos like those below on a frigid day in New York.Warning: The below video contains language about the Trump Tower fire that might be offensive to some viewers.