HS Football Teams Honor Tom Cruise Movie With ‘All The Right Moves’ Reenactment

The football game at the end of the All The Right Moves will be happening for real in Pennsylvania. Two western PA high school football teams will honor the Tom Cruise movie by re-enacting the big game at the end of the movie.

According to the Phillyburbs, the two teams will wear the uniforms used in the movie. Johnstown High School will wear the black-and-gold jersey’s worn by Tom Cruise and the Ampipe team, and Westmont Hilltop will wear the red-and-white uniforms that were worn by the fictional Walnut Heights.

The two high schools are actually rivals and Johnstown played a big role in making the movie All The Right Movies. The several former players from Johnston appeared in the movie, as well as coaches, parents, and fans.

Westmont athletic director Tom Callihan, who appeared in the movie as an Ampipe player, said:

“What a great way to celebrate the movie than to play a game to honor those two teams… We’ve reached out to people who have been in the movie. The players who appeared in the movie are going to show up.”

All The Right Moves, which also starred Craig T. Nelson and Lea Thompson, centered on Cruise’s character, Stefen Djordjevic, who was desperate to get out of his small town by winning a college scholarship.

Johnstown coach Tony Penna Jr., said that the story in All The Right Moves still rings true for a lot of players today. Penn said:

“A lot of the story lines have stayed the same 30 years later. A lot of these kids are trying to not necessarily find a way out of Johnstown, but they’re trying to find a way into college football.”

Here’s the trailer for All The Right Moves .