Bikini Barbers: The ‘Hugh Hefner Of Hair’ Hires Hot Girls in Bikinis To Give Quality Haircuts [Video]

Bikini Barbers owner Jeff Wulkan considers himself the Hugh Hefner of the hairdressing realm and hopes his salons will one day be as popular as Hooters. The 29-year-old man from Long Beach discovered a void in the male hair cutting world and has filled it quite successfully. Instead of traipsing into an expensive beauty salon or sitting wearily in a chair as an aging barber shakily offers a little trim around the ears, Wulkan’s customers get a haircut by hot young things adorned in sexy bikinis.

Business is booming at Bikini Barbers in New Jersey. The shop with the unique marketing approach has spawned its own reality series on AXS TV. The clever young owner has been asked to open up franchise across the country, according to the Daily Mail. 87 percent of the Bikini Barbers customers are male.

Jeff Wulkan had this to say about his business during an interview with NJ.Com:

“I was sick of the lack of options there were to get a haircut. You either had to go to a high-end hair salon or one of those 70-year-old guys who have shaky hands and can barely see anymore. So I decided to open my own. And here, for $2 more than it costs to go to Supercuts, you can get your hair cut by hot girls in bikinis. They like the beach theme especially in the summer. And we have the fish tank up front, so the kids get a kick out of that. I want to have salons up and down both coasts and in every college town.”

The enigmatic Bikini Barbers owner also has a degree in aeronautical science. Former model Alissa Koller noted during the NJ.Com interview that she does get propositioned from some customers. Getting asked out by eager clients aside, the only real drawback the former model sees to wearing a swimsuit while working as a barber, is that hair gets everywhere.