Kate Upton’s Diet And Beauty Secrets Revealed: Eyelash Technique Surprisingly Simple

Kate Upton, the supermodel and actress, is leaving no stones unturned to look elegant and gorgeous during her wedding to Justin Verlander, the starting pitcher who plays for the Detroit Tigers. The 24-year-old blonde has embarked upon an intense and dedicated strength training routine under the guidance of trainer Ben Bruno. Kate hits the gym five times a week, spending one to two hours each session in intense workout sessions that comprise lunges, hip thrusts, crawls, and weight lifting.

Apart from focusing on weight loss, the actress has also cut down on sugars and other foods like chocolates, breakfast cereals, candy, baked foods, ketchup, and honey mustard. In Kate Upton’s opinion, such foods have high sugar content, and overconsumption of sugar not only leads to weight gain, but it also triggers high levels of blood pressure and blood cholesterol. Additionally, minimizing the sugar content in her diet helps Kate Upton to stay away from ailments like headaches, depression, fatigue, nervousness, gallstones, kidney stones, and infections like Candida. According to Foods 4 Better Health, Kate relies on sugar substitutes like stevia leaf powder or coconut sugar.

Despite her strict diet plan, Kate Upton makes sure that she enjoys a healthy diet comprised of protein, vegetables, and fruits. Her diet plan enables her to continue to enjoy dishes like turkey meatballs, chicken salad, herb-crusted grilled chicken, and scrambled eggs with chicken. Some of the salads that have enabled Kate to cut down her weight are quinoa with grilled vegetables and kale salad with grilled salmon. And even though Kate is stringent about sticking to her fitness regime and diet plan, she still allows herself to unwind with a glass of wine or a shot of tequila. The Tower Heist actress believes that sometimes, a relaxing drink can help curb food cravings that can easily lead to endless bingeing.

Intense workouts and a sugar-free diet may help Kate Upton to stay in shape, but it is the magic wand of Tracy Murphy, the celebrity makeup artist, that makes Kate Upton’s face sparkle. It was Tracy’s magic that helped Kate Upton claim the spotlight during many red carpet events. According to People magazine, layering a few levels of mascaras is the key to having the long, full, and fabulous eyelashes that have become Kate Upton’s trademark.

Tracy helps to render a “sunburst shape” to Kate’s eyelashes by using what she describes as a “wiggling” technique, achieved by using a lash curler, lengthening mascara, volumizing mascara, makeup remover, and a Q-Tip. After curling Kate’s lashes, Tracy applies the coats of “lengthening” mascara and “volumizing” mascara to trim the lashes before curling them again and removing the excess makeup.

Kate Upton’s gorgeous looks have not only attracted the attention of filmmakers and fashion photographers, but they have also made the model and actress an easy target of transgressors who are lurking on the internet. Variety reports that a 28-year-old man from Chicago confessed to hacking into the personal accounts of 300 people, which included celebrities like Kate Upton.

The accused managed to obtain the usernames and passwords of celebrities by phishing, and used the information to hack into their accounts which stored their personal – and sometimes intimate – photos. Recently, nude photos of various celebrities were leaked on the internet and Kate Upton was on the top of the celebrity list whose intimate moments were made public. However, the Chicago man will now be prosecuted on the charges, which brings some small comfort to Kate Upton and the hundreds of other people whose privacy was violated in the same way.

[Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Churchill Downs]