‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Gets A Shocker, Julian’s Health Deteriorates, And Chaos Continues On Cassadine Island

There is plenty of intense drama on the way with Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers detail that there will be much more action coming from Cassadine Island, and viewers will see a fair amount of chaos in Port Charles as well. Where are things headed during the July 19 show?

Everybody watched on Monday as “Theo” took control over the estate on the island, and it was revealed that he is indeed Valentin Cassadine. Previews tease that Nikolas will threaten Valentin as he holds everybody hostage, but it doesn’t necessarily look as if Valentin feels particularly threatened. We Love Soaps share that Laura will open up about how much she has come to lean on Kevin, and General Hospital spoilers note that this contentious situation will continue as the rest of the week plays out.

Julian has been facing some intense conversations ever since he was injured during the confrontation with Alexis, and now, Griffin will be blasting him as well. General Hospital spoilers detail that as Griffin checks in on him, he will express confidence that he knows Julian is guilty, and he is certain that a jury will concur.

In the midst of all of these tense moments, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that Julian’s health will take a problematic turn. Griffin will step up to help him, but will he be able to fully recover? Viewers will see more of Carlos soon, surely as a vision or ghost again, and everybody will have to stay tuned to see what comes next for Julian.

Anna will come to a realization, and General Hospital spoilers have teased that actress Finola Hughes will now be departing for a summer break. Anna has spent months determined to take Julian down for what happened to Duke, and now it seems she will take some time away in an effort to reset things in a sense.

Nina asked Curtis to dig into Claudette, but General Hospital spoilers note that she will tell him that he needs to back off of his investigation. What pushes Nina to put a hold on this? Maxie and Nathan are definitely still quite suspicious regarding Claudette’s motives for arriving in Port Charles, but it sounds as if Nathan or Maxie may have asked Nina to drop the investigation so it doesn’t put Nathan at risk due to what Claudette knows that could cause trouble for him.

Andre will be leaving a somewhat confusing message for someone, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that this leads to some drama with Jordan. Previews detail that Jordan will question him, wondering if he is upset with her, and fans will need to tune in to see exactly what this is all about.

Alexis took a pregnancy test during Monday’s show, and General Hospital spoilers hint that she may wind up being pregnant after all. She is said to get shocking news, and viewers can agree that given the menopause storyline she had a few years back, it will certainly be a shocker if she is really pregnant after fabricating the pregnancy story previously in order to set her husband up.

Diane will connect with Alexis during Tuesday’s episode, and General Hospital spoilers note that Alexis will have some intense words for her friend and lawyer. Pregnant or not, Alexis is determined to take her husband down, and she is looking to Diane to help her make it happen.

General Hospital spoilers tease that a major confrontation set to take place during Tuesday’s episode will end in tragedy, but little more regarding this situation have been detailed as of yet. Will someone be shot or otherwise injured as things play out on Cassadine Island? There certainly are plenty of people trapped there in the midst of this intense Valentin situation, and Celeb Dirty Laundry shares that soon Rachel, Elizabeth, and Franco will be there as well.

It’s not certain whether someone is truly killed off or just facing a big scare, but Nikolas and Kevin seem to be favorite guesses at this point in terms of who may be facing this tragedy. The chaos on Cassadine Island will carry over into next week, and Soap Central shares that at some point, shots will be fired. General Hospital spoilers indicate that there is plenty more chaos on the way, and viewers will not want to miss what comes next.

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