Pit Bull Attacks Blamed For Two Infant Deaths [Video]

Pit bull mauling attacks are blamed for the deaths of two young children in July and September. A North Carolina 10-month-old baby was killed while in his grandmother’s care earlier this week. Little James Hudson was sitting near the mixed-breed dog in his Hertford home when the animal unexpectedly attacked, according to the Virginian-Pilot. Although the dog had never shown aggression toward the baby before, it had previously bitten an older child.

The deceased infant’s grandmother, Terry Atkinsson was sitting in the same room with other children when the pit bull attack occurred. She was also injured while trying to get the animal away from her grandson.

James Hudson’s grandfather, Kent Bowser had this to about the deadly dog attack:

“There was screaming going on. I was kind of in shock myself. Even though I saw what was going on, I still couldn’t put together in my head what was going on. We prayed to God the whole time we were doing it. If you have children and you have animals, make sure you totally understand the relationship you have with your animals and your pets. Go with your gut. If you gut tells you something ain’t right. Just go with your gut.”

During the WAVY TV-10 interview, the grandfather was fighting back tears as he shared the details of his grandson’s death. Family members carried the child to the front porch and tried to put bandages on the his wounds while waiting for help to arrive.

Neighbor James Thatch told local television station reporters that the family is nice, but “that dog has got to go,” due to prior actions the man claims to have witnessed on numerous occasions. The family found the mixed-breed pit bull wandering the streets two years ago, took him home, and named him Copper. Following the mandated 10-day waiting period after the attack, Copper could be put down.

A young California child was also killed by a pit bull in July. San Diego animal control officers removed three pit bulls form a home where an 8-month-old boy died after being attacked by one or more dogs, according to the Los Angeles Times. CDC statistics republished by The Blaze indicate that 4.7 million dog bite incidents occur each year and note that children age 5 to 9 and the most vulnerable. Pit bull attacks killed 52 Americans from 2006 to 2008.

Infant killed by family dog