‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Rafe And Hope’s Battle Continues While Brady And Theresa Track Down Summer

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday’s episode indicate that the search for Hope and Rafe will continue as the two struggle to survive. Summer is on the run and Tate is missing, and the July 19 show will take Brady and Theresa to Las Vegas to follow a lead they got on the situation. What else can viewers expect from this show?

Shawn has been desperate to find Hope and Rafe in the ruins of the house that exploded, while Rafe and Hope are in a room they encountered via one of the DiMera tunnels. They are both alive, but they are not out of the woods yet. Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps share that they will remain trapped during Tuesday’s show, but Rafe is hoping to manage to pick a lock on a door that is blocking their escape.

As Rafe tries to figure out a way for them to get out of the tunnel, Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Hope’s condition will deteriorate. As Soap Central indicates, this will leave Rafe extremely concerned and all the more anxious to get them to safety. However, this difficult situation will continue as the week progresses.

Brady and Theresa are desperate to find Tate, and at this point, Summer is certainly looking suspicious in the matter. A lead points toward Summer heading to Las Vegas and Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Theresa and Brady will head to Vegas and manage to confront Summer.

Will Summer be able to convince Brady and Theresa that she had nothing to do with Tate’s kidnapping? Days of Our Lives spoilers share that she will try to spin things in her favor, but Theresa seemingly will not be buying it. It seems that things will remain intense between Theresa and Brady over the situation, as she continues to suspect Summer’s involvement and he apparently remains unconvinced.

As this situation plays out, Brady will again question Victor about the kidnapping, suspecting that he had a hand in whatever happened to Tate. Summer will try to reason with Theresa and Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Steve will soon join in on the hunt for the toddler. Just who is behind taking the boy and when will he be recovered?

Tuesday’s show brings Maggie and Julie together for a chat, as it seems that Maggie will open up to her friend about some things regarding Victor. Julie will surely do her best to support her good friend, but how much will Maggie share? Later in the week, viewers will see Aiden trying to convince some in Salem that he did nothing wrong and there is more ahead regarding Deimos and Nicole as well.

This emergency involving Hope and Rafe will most definitely bring the two closer to one another again as they both fight for survival and realize the depth of their feelings for each other. At the moment, Hope’s condition seems the most dire, but Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Rafe is facing a setback soon as well. They will both survive, much to Andre’s dismay, and this will surely ramp up a new and intense battle in the episodes ahead.

What will Aiden do now as he struggles to deal with Andre and distance himself from the evil deeds he is connected to in Salem? Who orchestrated Tate’s kidnapping? Days of Our Lives spoilers note that there are additional twists and turns on the way and viewers will not want to miss the shake-ups ahead as the rest of the summer plays out.

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