Woman Hears Scratching At Her Door, Opens It And Gets Attacked By A Lemur [Video]

When many people hear the word lemur, they can’t help but think of King Julien from the popular movie franchise Madagascar. King Ringtail Julien XIII, the large-eyed “Lord of the Lemurs,” won plenty of fans with his version of the “I Like To Move It, Move It” song. King Julien sang and danced with a cute accent and noted how he liked physically fit people who moved their bodies in a nice, sweet and sassy manner.

That cartoon version of a funny lemur who ruled over a huge colony of lemurs gave viewers the notion that lemurs could be sweet and kind with their huge eyes — and the mistaken notion that lemurs would make good house pets. One 21-year-old Florida woman became the victim of a vicious lemur attack when she simply opened her door in Miami after hearing scratching sounds on the door.

As seen in the attached video from CBS Miami, Victoria Valledor thought it was just a plant that had fallen over outside the front door. Victoria assumed it was the leaves from the plant scratching at her door, not a potentially deadly lemur waiting to pounce on Victoria. Valledor’s sister took photos of the lemur as the wild animal sat on top of the garbage cans outside of their house on Monday.

Located at SW 56th Terrace and 140th Place, the home is positioned in an area where people are allowed to have lemurs if they have a license.