WWE News: Dean Ambrose To Battle Seth Rollins Yet Again For WWE Championship On SmackDown Live Tonight

Last night on WWE RAW, we saw an excellent main event match between Seth Rollins and WWE Champion Dean Ambrose. Both put on a fantastic performance that left the world talking but not so much for the entire match as is usual between these two. In fact, the thing that got to us all was the ending of the match. A roll-up of sorts went down where both men had their shoulders pinned to the mat. This left us naturally seeing a tie, but new WWE RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon gave the win to Seth Rollins.

Shane McMahon finally was able to intervene after RAW went off the air, and the two men found out that due to this being a tie in the end, the champion remained the champion. Therefore, Dean Ambrose walked out with his title and will walk in with it at WWE Battleground this Sunday when he faces off with Rollins yet again along with former champion and Shield brethren Roman Reigns. This would have thrown a monkey wrench into a lot of the plans most fans assumed the company had going into the WWE Draft tonight on WWE SmackDown Live!

However, some plans may shift as WWE.com confirmed that Dean Ambrose will battle Seth Rollins yet again on WWE SmackDown Live! for his WWE Championship. This clearly gives fans another fun match that is the only announced match on the card thus far. However, we’re going to see the WWE Draft throughout the night. WWE NXT debuts are also set to occur, so Finn Balor may debut tonight.

Rollins World Title
[image via WWE]

Going into the draft, WWE RAW and Stephanie McMahon have the first overall pick. This means it would make a lot of sense to see Seth Rollins as her first pick if he was WWE Champion, and Steph did her best to help Rollins win the belt last night. Shane stepping in took those plans away, and it now seems that Stephanie may have to consider Dean Ambrose as her first overall pick because he does have the WWE Championship.

Stephanie could pull something interesting out of the hat for the night, however, and pick the WWE Champion whoever it is by the end of WWE SmackDown tonight. Shane McMahon would simply get the other person. Or she might just pick Rollins and Shane could grab Ambrose. It is a big risk because Stephanie would be gambling on Seth winning either way. However, Steph has been known to manipulate things to her advantage before and would do so yet again if she wanted. She does not want to have to deal with Ambrose, so one would imagine that she would want Seth to win.

Interesting things could come from Dean Ambrose losing, if he does. He would get his rematch as usual, but like Seth originally, it would happen in the triple threat this Sunday. The question is, if he is cheated tonight and does not take the fall on Sunday, should he not get a rematch? If he is on another brand, he won’t be able to do so, which would leave WWE SmackDown without a World Title, unless WWE makes an old move new again.

Ambrose Shane
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Rumors have been flying for a while about the two World Title system returning. WWE changed Ambrose’s title to the WWE Championship from the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This pretty much confirmed that WWE was bringing back another World Title. Plus, with eight extra PPVs added per year, giving each brand a World Title made a lot of sense as the champ couldn’t do that many defenses per month and keep things fresh for both products.

The question has been in how they will manage to bring back the two World Titles. This might have been solved with the issue from last night and even tonight. Dean Ambrose would be worthy of a match for a new World Title on WWE SmackDown, and clearly, Shane would want to give us one. That said, don’t be shocked if the new World Title comes out of this entire mess with Seth Rollins and The Authority.

[image via WWE]