Kate Middleton Photos Could Cause Legal Headaches For Halle Berry

The Kate Middleton naked photos published in a French magazine on Friday could yet prove problematic for … Halle Berry?

The 46-year-old actress wants to move to France with her four-year-old daughter Nahla and fiancé Olivier Martinez. However, according to TMZ, the now-infamous shots of a topless Kate Middleton on holiday will be used as ammunition by the lawyer for Gabriel Aubrey, Berry’s ex-husband, in his bid to prevent the actress from taking their daughter to France.

Aubrey’s representatives are now expected to raise the issue of the Kate Middleton naked photos as an example of how French paparazzi are more ruthless in their hunt for intrusive photographs than their American counterparts.

Lawyers for Aubrey were already using the case of paparazzi in Paris chasing Princess Diana to her death as a justification for not allowing Berry to relocate. Now, they have a more topical example of French press intrusion to present to the court.

Kate, the Duchess of Cornwall, was photographed topless by a paparazzi’s telephoto lens while on a secluded balcony during a recent holiday. After the French magazine Closer published the pictures, the royal couple announced they would sue the magazine.

Privacy laws in France are the toughest in Europe, with huge fines for offending newspapers and magazines. However, many larger publications will pay the hefty fine for the sake of being able to print law-breaking pictures that bring a big rise in circulation.