Chelsea Houska And Cole DeBoer Are Preparing To Wed Following The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star’s Pregnancy Announcement

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer will be walking down the aisle in a matter of months.

Although the Teen Mom 2 star recently announced she and DeBoer were expecting a baby, that hasn’t slowed her down when it comes to preparing for her fall wedding. In fact, in a new Instagram post, the reality star revealed she was still working out.

“[Cole DeBoer] has been the best workout partner a girl could ask for,” Chelsea Houska wrote on Instagram on July 18. “Prepping for a wedding isn’t easy but this scale is helping keep me motivated.”

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer have be working out together since shortly after they met and actually have a workout space set up in their basement. However, at this point in her pregnancy, it’s safe to say that Chelsea Houska has lightened her load when it comes to her fitness routine.

News of Chelsea Houska’s pregnancy was first confirmed last week by the reality star herself.

“I’m so excited to finally be launching my website, and I felt like the perfect first post…would be to announce to everyone that baby DeBoer is expected in February 2017!” Chelsea Houska wrote on her official website earlier this month. “We are beyond excited for this journey and can’t wait to share it with you all!”

Chelsea Houska is already mom to 6-year-old Aubree and according to Houska, her oldest child is hoping to soon be the big sister of another little girl (Aubree’s father, Adam Lind, has another child, daughter Paislee, 2, from his relationship with Taylor Halbur).

“Big sister Aubree is also extremely excited and it’s no secret that she is hoping for a girl,” Chelsea Houska continued.

“I’ll be sure to keep you updated throughout this pregnancy, and I’m also excited to use this website as another way to stay connected with you all about tons of other topics! I’m so grateful for everyone’s continued support and kind words!” she wrote.

Chelsea Houska and her fiancé have stayed mum on their plans for a wedding, but on Twitter, she’s made it clear to fans that she has no plans to postpone her ceremony. Instead, she explained to a curious fan, she simply will let out the belly in her dress if need be. She’s also spoken about her child’s gender on Twitter, revealing she is hoping to find out what she is having as soon as she can

As for when exactly Chelsea Houska’s wedding will be, she hasn’t revealed a specific date and recently informed fans that she will be not be sharing her ceremony during an upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2.

“Our wedding is just something so personal and we’re having a small intimate wedding and it just didn’t feel right just for us to have it aired to millions of people,” Chelsea Houska explained during an interview with Wetpaint Entertainment earlier this year. “Even though I appreciate the support and I’m so grateful for everyone who is so happy for us, people will be able to see the planning and pictures and stuff like that so I’m not leaving them with nothing.”

Also during her interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Chelsea Houska said she and DeBoer liked “fall” for their wedding.

Chelsea Houska and her co-stars are reportedly in production on Teen Mom 2 Season 8, which will likely air sometime later this year or early next year.

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