Céline Dion Delights In New Fashions, Announces English-Language Album

Céline Dion has experienced an extremely challenging year so far, after losing both her husband and her brother to cancer earlier this year. The singing sensation surprised everyone by dealing with her tragic personal losses in such an open, honest way, sharing the journey with her children and her fans alike.

In fact, Céline Dion proved to be an extraordinarily strong woman when she decided to take the stage and continue performing at Caesar’s Palace as part of her residency. Even though the pain of losing her beloved family members still lingers on, Céline takes every opportunity to inspire her children by proving that they have a strong mother who can take on the challenges of life.

So when the Grammy award-winning actress attended the Paris Couture week, she decided to team up with A-list stylist Law Roach to explore different fashions options that could help to brighten up her life. Law Roach is the stylist who has been responsible for some of the most daring and inspirational looks of celebrities like Zendaya Coleman and Ariana Grande, allowing them to continue to shine on the red carpet.

Law’s previous works impressed Céline Dion, who decided to seek his help to explore her style sense. The “I’m Alive” singer admitted that she hadn’t attended a fashion show in the past twenty years, so the stylist decided to expose Céline to new possibilities by encouraging her to attend shows like Giambattista Valli and Christian Dior at the Couture Fashion Week in Paris. According to the Belfast Telegraph, Law Roach spoke about Céline’s fearless attitude towards fashion that left him feeling amazed.

“There’s nothing that scares her. There’s nothing that she won’t try. She’s a dream come true for a stylist.”

Law Roach has been praised for styling the diva in a series of photos that have become famous all over the internet. The celebrity stylist worked with Céline for several weeks in Paris, helping her to reinvigorate her sense of style. In fact, Law worked so hard to style Céline that the diva was seen wearing fashion-forward looks every day. People magazine reported that Céline Dion emerged from her hotel in an off-white coat, a Chloé scarf, and Gianvito Rossi boots.

Her stylish looks were completed by matching sandals and a bag. On another occasion, Céline was seen in a Lanvin coat, Saint Laurent bag, and Balenciaga boots. The “I Surrender” singer and mother of three stole the show in her front-row position at one of the fashion week events by wearing a floral Giambattista Valli jacket over a floral dress. Later, the singer experimented with gaudy designs by covering her T-shirt and jeans with a Fendi coat.

On another occasion, Céline Dion experienced with a rock-n-roll chic look, wearing an acid green Balenciaga dress and Saint Laurent leather jacket, Le Silla boots, and an oversized Givenchy tote.

Despite being praised for her bravery, this isn’t Céline’s first stint in experimentation with fashion. The singer garnered considerable attention when she wore a Christian Dior tuxedo at the 1999 Academy Awards. According to StyleCaster, Céline Dion has always had a unique sense of style which she was not afraid to experiment with.

The singer is truly versatile when it comes to trying out different fashions for different occasions, looking equally comfortable in the sequin diva look at an awards ceremony as she is in a cozy sweater before the rehearsals. Praised for having no reservations with regard to any color, shape or brand, Céline Dion seems to cheerfully agree to try new outfits, and it is her exuberance that makes her an ideal celebrity that stylists are happy to work with.

Céline Dion’s energetic approach towards life has helped her to move on from her recent personal tragedies. According to Entertainment Weekly, Céline is contemplating releasing her next English-language album soon.

In fact, the diva plans to start working on the songs after she finishes her 2016 Summer Tour. Although Céline has not revealed her collaborations, she has divulged that the album will feature a song that has been written by Pink. The album is set to be released in 2017, following the release of Encore un Soir, Céline’s upcoming French-language album.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images for Dior]