Michelle Obama ‘Carpool Karaoke’: First Lady Rocks Out To ‘Single Ladies’ With James Corden [Video]

Michelle Obama will be on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden tomorrow night!

It all starts with Corden rolling up to the White House and being stopped by security. He tells the guard that he’s there for a tour and minutes later, the First Lady Of The United States hops in! Said “tour” then turns into a pretty epic episode of the popular segment.

Mrs. Obama tells Corden that she has rarely (read never) driven shotgun over the past several years — and hasn’t gotten to listen to the radio in the car and just rock out. She admitted that the last time she was in the passenger’s seat was when her oldest daughter, Sasha, got her licence. Before that? It had been over seven years! As the FLOTUS, riding in the front seat becomes a thing of the past.

“I rarely get to listen to music in the car,” Michelle Obama tells Corden, staring longingly at the radio inside the Range Rover. Corden turned on some tunes, Missy Elliot’s “Get Your Freak On” providing an audio backdrop to their conversation. While fans of Carpool Karaoke only got a brief preview, watching Michelle Obama sing and dance to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” pretty much promises that this ride is going to be a great time.

Michelle Obama is the latest “celeb” to do Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. So far, the actor has roped in quite a few big names. He has shared the road with Jason Derulo, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, and several other stars. What’s most fun about the skit is that these celebs really let loose and have a great time. It’s something new and different that takes them out of their element.

Perhaps the best episode to date was Gwen Stefani’s ride. James Corden tells her that he needs two more passengers to ride in the HOV lane, so he stops and picks up two very unexpected guests: George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Together, the four sang songs like “Hollaback Girl” and “We Are The Champions.” George Clooney’s talent and facial expressions may be the best thing you’ll watch all week.

Until Michelle Obama’s Carpool Karaoke episode airs, that is.

According to People Magazine, Mrs. Obama will also take on “This Is For My Girls.”

“In another preview released to AOL’s MAKERS.com the First Lady and Corden sing ‘This Is For My Girls,’ – the girl power anthem inspired by the Let Girls Learn initiative and the 62 million girls around the world who do not have access to education. Penned by the legendary songwriter Diane Warren, the recorded version features vocals from Kelly Clarkson, Zendaya, Janelle Monáe, Kelly Rowland, Lea Michelle, and more pop luminaries.”

Fans of the show and of the First Lady are pumped to watch tomorrow night’s episode of Carpool Karaoke. Check out the response that the preview has received on Twitter ahead of the show.

You can watch Michelle Obama on Carpool Karaoke on Wednesday night on CBS. Will you be tuning in?

[Photo via YouTube]