Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Headed For Divorce? Marital Stress Causing The ‘Scary Skinny’ Star To Lose Even More Weight?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt continue to fight off rumors of an impending divorce. Is the marital stress only making things worse for the couple?

According to Parent Herald, Jolie and Pitt have not addressed their alleged divorce, despite the multitude of break up rumors this past year.

For starters, Jolie is reportedly mad about Pitt’s involvement with co-stars Marion Cotillard and Lizzy Caplan. Pitt worked with the actresses on Allied, and Jolie thought they had grown a little too close for comfort.

Marion Cotillard was one of the first women Brad Pitt was rumored to have romances while married to Angelina Jolie. [Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images]

At the same time, Jolie’s health problems continue to be a source of problems for the couple. Things have gotten so bad that the actress allegedly had “crisis talks” in order to salvage the marriage.

Jolie has been spotted on numerous occasions looking thinner than ever. The frail state of her body has sparked rumors of a health crisis as the actress battles an eating disorder.

If the actress is struggling with her weight, then marital stress is not going to help the matter.

Meanwhile, if Jolie and Pitt call it quits, then their divorce would be worth millions of dollars. Such a settlement could take a long time to work through, which could be one reason why they haven’t discussed the break up in public.

Breast Cancer
Angelina Jolie had to undergo mastectomy to prevent Breast Cancer. [Image via Shutterstock]

For now, Pitt is focusing on a new project and has put divorce talks on hold.

According to International Business Times, Pitt is working with Ben Stiller on a new movie, Brad’s Status.

The film centers around Brad, who obsesses about his friend’s good fortune in life even though he has a great family and a promising career. Plan B Entertainment is co-producing the project with Sidney Kimmel Entertainment and David Bernard.

Brad’s Status is expected to start production as early as September.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were recently spotted on a lunch date with two of their children, Knox and Vivienne. The family went out in celebration of the twin’s birthdays and ate at the Griddle Cafe in Hollywood.

“[They] looked like a family eating breakfast… They were just eating and having a good time,” an insider shared.

The recent outing is the first one in months and flies against the reports of marital problems. In fact, according to International Business Times, an inside source revealed that Jolie and Pitt are “no longer a couple” and have been “leading separate lives.”

Apparently, another source of contention is Jolie’s work as a humanitarian.

According to an insider, “[Jolie’s] globe-trotting and endless crusading for the world’s downtrodden” is their biggest issue.

“Angie is taking humanitarian work very seriously and has traveled to Lebanon, Greece, and Washington, D.C., in the past few months,” the insider shared.

The apart has put additional strain on Jolie’s relationship with Pitt, who is trying his best to keep things running smoothly.

Angelina Jolie has admitted to a self-destructive past.
Angelina Jolie has admitted to a self-destructive past. [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

With a divorce looming large, Pitt and Jolie are allegedly prepared to sell their Chateau Miraval estate in France in order to repair their marriage. The couple made the decision after Pitt was seen waving the start flag at Le Mans in June.

Of course, reports of a divorce have not been substantiated by either part. Based on the recent sighting, it appears as though Jolie and Pitt are at least trying to keep the family together.

Until more information is revealed, it isn’t clear if Jolie and Pitt have salvaged their marriage or if they are getting ready to officially file divorce papers.

Whatever happens, rumors are likely to continue until the actors come out and address them head on.

For now, the family is currently living in London while Pitt finishes up his work on Allied.

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