Drake On Team Kim Kardashian Amid Taylor Swift Drama, Wants Rihanna To Defend Him In The Same Way

Drake is throwing his support behind Kim Kardashian after she called out Taylor Swift amid the recent drama surrounding Kanye West’s hit, “Famous.”

According to a new report, Drake is officially on Team Kim after Kardashian took to Snapchat to release a candid video that shows Swift approving West’s controversial song lyrics and he reportedly thinks that Kardashian standing by her husband in such a public way is “relationship goals as f***.”

“Drake normally minds his own business, but this feud between Taylor and Kimye is one for the ages,” a source told Hollywood Life this week of how Drake really feels about Kim and Taylor’s feud, noting that the rapper is impressed by how Kardashian put her reputation on the line for West.

Drake Stands Behind Kim Kardashian Amid Taylor Swift Drama, Wants Rihanna To Defend Him In The Same Way
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“Drake tips his hat to Kim,” the source told the site. “Not for blasting Taylor, but for keeping s*** 100 and putting her own image and public persona at risk for her man.”

“Drake just found a whole new level of respect for that woman. If he could crown her wifey of the year, he would!” the Drake insider added.

And it sounds like Rihanna may want to take notice of Kim’s actions, as the site’s source admitted to the site that Drake is looking to settle down a woman who would do the same for him.

“That’s relationship goals as f***,” Hollywood Life‘s insider added of Drake’s thoughts on the drama, “and the type of love that would make Drake settle down.”

Drake Stands Behind Kim Kardashian Amid Taylor Swift Drama, Wants Rihanna To Defend Him In The Same Way
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Drake’s support of Kardashian amid the latest drama comes just weeks after it was reported that Drake and Rihanna are officially back on when it comes to their on/off romance, which first began when they were romantically linked back in 2009.

E! News reported earlier this month that the two were back together because Drake still loves Rihanna and has “never stopped.”

“They are having fun spending time with each other,” a source close to Drake and Rihanna revealed to the site of their reconciled romance. “Their music together got them close again.”

Hollywood Life also claimed that the two once again got close in the studio, claiming that it was when Drake and Rihanna hit the studio together to work on hits like “Work” that he decided he wanted to get back together with the “This Is What You Came For” singer.

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“That’s when Drake made up his mind to nail Rihanna down for good,” a source told the site of the alleged couple’s studio time, admitting that although Rihanna was a little reluctant to reignite their romance, her friends encouraged her to give their love another go.

“They made the argument that Rihanna deserves to be treated like a queen, so why is it that she seems to prefer to be treated like less than?” a source claimed.

Drake and Rihanna are yet to officially confirm their alleged reconciled romance, though Drake did discuss their relationship, and rumors he once actually hooked up with Kim Kardashian, during a 2013 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

DeGeneres played a game with Drake on the hit daytime talk show, flashing up snaps of a number of famous females and encouraging Drake to reveal if he’s ever gotten romantic with any of the ladies.

Ellen first pulled up a picture of Rihanna, who Drake was not thought to be dating at the time, where he admitted that the two definitely had a romance.

“Yeah great girl. We had our moment,” Drake told Ellen of his past, and possibly now reconciled, romance with Rihanna in 2013. “[I will] always support and have love for her and yeah.”

Drake then adamantly denied that he’s ever been romantically involved with Kardashian, telling Ellen “Oh no, no. Come on! What’s going on here?” when Kim’s picture was displayed.

What do you think of Drake being on Team Kim Kardashian amid her drama with Taylor Swift? Do you think Rihanna would defend Drake the way Kim defended Kanye?

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