Columbus Police: Glass In Sandwich Hospitalizes Officer, Lincoln Café Investigated [Updated]

Update 2:20 p.m. E.T.: The establishment where the police officer was served the sandwich containing glass is being reported as the Lincoln Café by 10TV. Google lists the Lincoln Café as being located at 740 East Long Street in Columbus.

The Columbus Division of Police have tweeted that there is nothing indicating the incident was “intentional.” 10TV reports that the Lincoln Café has a “long history” of serving local police officers and that the incident remains under investigation. The officer who was injured is reported to be “doing fine.”

Original article: An unpleasant surprise was found in a sandwich served by a local restaurant to an officer with the Columbus police: glass shards, as reported by ABC 6.

The incident at the unnamed East Long Street establishment comes amid heightened tensions among the law enforcement community after the shooting deaths of five police officers in Dallas on July 7, and three in Baton Rouge on July 17, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

The tensions felt by police were highlighted by Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last night, as reported by Politico. Clarke described some of the activities undertaken by the Occupy and Black Lives Matter movements as transcending “peaceful protest” and violating “the code of conduct we rely on.”

The Wisconsin Sheriff invoked the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

“He spoke of the basic morality of the rule of law, provided that it is applied equally to both the wealthy and the impoverished; both men and women, and yes, the majority and the minority. Blue Lives Matter!”

It is unclear whether the glass found in the sandwich eaten by the Columbus police officer was intentionally placed there, or if there is some other explanation.

The Columbus police officer described biting into the sandwich and hearing a “crunching sound,” then feeling a “grisly texture.” Upon inspection, the sandwich revealed shards of glass, and the officer’s mouth began to bleed. He was said to have been taken to Grant Medical Center, where he remained last night. Despite the ordeal, other police involved in the case are said to report that the injured officer is expected to make a full recovery.

Whether or not the glass sandwich was intentionally served to a member of the Columbus police, or the incident is some horrible mistake, glass being found in food consumed by anyone is unacceptable. Restaurants have a duty to ensure that food served to customers will not harm them.

The name of the restaurant has not been released. The eatery is reported to be shut down while officials with Columbus Public Health and the Assault Squad with the Columbus Police investigate how glass made its way into a sandwich served to a police officer. An accidental event like this, while very serious, could perhaps be understood. Glass intentionally, maliciously placed in the food of anyone, particularly a police officer, would likely result in criminal charges being swiftly brought against the perpetrator(s). No possible motives have been outlined by officials, and no suspects have been named or charges filed.

A Columbus police officer was fed a 'glass sandwich;' and investigation into the incident is ongoing.

In the days leading up to the fatal early July shootings of eight police officers, tensions were already high across the United States as citizens marched in cities around the country in protest of the shooting deaths of black American men by police, including Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

One of the police officers murdered in Baton Rouge, a 10-year veteran of the Baton Rouge Police, 32-year-old father Montrell Jackson, posted to his Facebook page about the challenges he faced being a black police officer in America, and he sent “prayers” out to every person in America touched by violence, as reported by the CBC.

“In uniform I get nasty hateful looks and out of uniform some consider me a threat… These are trying times. Please don’t let hate infect your heart. This city MUST and WILL get better. I’m working in these streets so any protesters, officers, friends, family or whoever, if you see me and need a hug or want to say a prayer. I got you.”

Updates on the condition of the Columbus police officer and whether or not the glass was intentionally placed in the sandwich are expected from the department.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]