‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jeffrey Vincent Parise Returns, Will He Be The Ghost Of Carlos This Time Or Someone New?

It looks like the ghost of Carlos is back on General Hospital this week, but is he really? Actor Jeffrey Vincent Parise is definitely returning to the soap and fans are very happy about that. Even though he has played the role of bad boy Carlos Rivera for a while, he is still a favorite among viewers. The hitman is now dead but has been showing up to torment his killer, Julian Jerome. Now there are rumors that the actor may be someone completely different this time around.

Parise will be showing up in Port Charles this week. However, as Soaps in Depth has reported, it seems to be top secret right now as to how or why he returns to General Hospital. Everyone will expect the ghost of Carlos to show up once again to haunt Julian. Carlos was instrumental in getting into Julian’s mind in trying to get him to kill Alexis. While it looked like he was a ghost, it was probably just a hallucination that Julian was having at that point.

What does that mean? Well, it could be that the ghostly appearance of Carlos will once again come back to haunt the mobster now that pretty much everyone, including his children, have disowned him. Carlos is great at taunting people, so that may be why he shows at the hospital where Julian is.

However, the folks at General Hospital are not willing to elaborate as to the actor’s return. It seems that they may want viewers to be surprised when Parise shows up again in Port Charles. Will it be Carlos back again or someone different?

If Carlos does actually return, the question is whether he is the dead Carlos or maybe that he isn’t quite so dead after all. After Carlos killed Duke Lavery, Anna Devane went after the hitman and shot him on the docks as viewers watched. However, it was eventually revealed that it was all staged and that Carlos was still alive and well. Could this happen a second time?

Everyone watched as Carlos died while being treated at General Hospital from the stab wounds that were inflicted on him by Julian Jerome. Anna and Dr. Griffin Munro were both with him as well. It is very unlikely that it was all faked again, but you just never know what can happen on daytime TV.

The rumor going around now is that Jeffrey Vincent Parise will be coming back as someone else, not as Carlos Rivera. General Hospital fans seem to think that maybe the actor will be coming back as a lookalike twin or cousin. That has certainly happened many times on a soap, so this could very well be true, especially since the show hasn’t mentioned that Carlos’ ghost will show up again. They are keeping it all quiet for now.

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If Carlos really isn’t dead, that would certainly change things up for many characters. For one, that would mean that Julian wouldn’t be charged for murder after all. Also, Sabrina would have her baby’s daddy back to cause trouble for her and Michael. Plus, Carlos is a hated man in Port Charles for killing Duke Lavery, so his head would be on the chopping block if he should show up again. That would lead many to think that Parise could return to the show as someone different.

Some General Hospital fans are hoping that something changes with the current storyline on the show. In fact, one person mentioned a possible tie-in to the current chaos on Cassadine Island hoping that maybe Carlos, as well as Duke and the real Julian Jerome, be found there alive and well. EW reported that Theo, aka Valentin Cassadine, has taken hostages on the infamous island where many strange things occur. People seem to come back from the dead thanks to Helena Cassadine, so why not these three men?

Most are very unhappy that Julian has been written as a cold-hearted and devious mobster that tried to kill his wife that he was so much in love with. However, the writers have hinted that not everything is as it seems. Is there another Julian, or the real one, hiding out somewhere? Fans are waiting for a possible twist to this story.

Do you think Jeffrey Vincent Parise will show up on General Hospital as the ghost of Carlos, the real Carlos, or someone totally different?

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