The Return of ‘The Colbert Report’—Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Reunite to Cover the RNC [Video]

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert aired live Monday night after the Republican National Convention (RNC); on the special live episode Colbert was reunited with his longtime friend and political-satirical partner, Jon Stewart.

Jon Stewart was the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central for 16 years, and Stephen Colbert was recruited by Stewart to be a staple on the show. This spot would end up being a launching pad for Stephen, giving him opportunities to host The Colbert Report and The Late Show. As Rolling Stone reported, on Jon Stewart's final episode of The Daily Show, Colbert described to Stewart the impact he had on him.

"Here's the thing, Jon: You said to me and many other people here years ago to never thank you because we owe you nothing. It is one of the few times I've known you to be dead wrong," Colbert told Stewart, who tried his best to contain his emotions. "We owe you. And not just what you did for our career by employing us to come on this tremendous show that you made. We owe you because we learned from you. We learned from you by example how to do a show with intention, how to work with clarity, how to treat people with respect. You were infuriatingly good at your job."
Jon StewartStephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert and an emotional Jon Stewart in the final episode of 'The Daily Show' [Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Comedy Central]For the fans that miss the team of Colbert and Stewart, and of the character that Stephen portrayed on the Report, then Monday night's Late Show episode is a must-see. The skit opened up with Colbert knocking on Stewart's cabin door and informing him that the Republican presidential candidate was Donald Trump. The duo exchanged quips regarding Trump and then Stewart introduced his roommate, Stephen Colbert (in the Colbert Report character), to Stephen Colbert.The segment ended and switched back to the live audience, where Stephen entered the stage on a carriage with a patriotic entourage in tow. In true Report fashion, chants of "Stephen" could be heard booming from the audience. The old Colbert Report music played as the host took his seat and introduced the famous Report segment, The Word, and the word of the night was Trumpiness.Later in Monday's episode, Colbert hinted that his audience can expect to see Stewart again this week. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs live for the next two weeks at 11:30 p.m. EST, weeknights on CBS.The Late Show is going to be live in order to cover the RNC and the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

In true Daily Show form, Colbert's coverage of the RNC is titled, "2016 Trumpublican DONational Conventrump: Starring Donald Trump as the Republican Party* (*May Contain Traces of Republican)." The Colbert coverage of the DNC will reportedly be called, "The 2016 Democratic National Convincing, a Technically Historic Event: Death. Taxes. Hillary."

Thursday's episode concluded with footage of Colbert invading the RNC under the character of Caesar Flickerman's cousin, Julius, which Colbert plays during his Late Show segment, The Hungry for Power Games.

Vulture has reported a list of celebrities that will be guests on the live editions of The Late Show that includes Jeff Daniels, Allison Janney, Keegan-Michael Key, and John Oliver (another former staple of The Daily Show). Longtime fans of the Daily Show and The Colbert Report should be delighted with the content that The Late Show will provide through the next two weeks. Undoubtedly, Stephen Colbert, and perhaps Jon Stewart, will have several surprises and funny bits in store.

[Image via Brad Barket/Getty Images]