Reptilian Face On Mars Discovered In NASA Spirit Rover Photo, UFO Expert Says — Also Found ‘Reptilian’ Face in 2010

A NASA photo taken by the now out-of-commission Mars rover known as Spirit, when examined closely, reveals a “reptilian face” structure, according to the UFO expert who uncovered the new Martian anomaly — an anomaly that he says may not be immediately evident but can be seen with a practiced eye.

Scott C. Waring, the editor of the popular UFO site UFO Sightings Daily, which catalogs dozens of such odd discoveries from the surface of Mars and the moon as captured in photos snapped by NASA cameras, says that he made the discovery on July 17 while combing through photographs taken by the NASA Spirit rover — pictured at the top of this page — which lost contact with NASA controllers in 2010 after the solar-powered vehicle got stuck in a pit of sand with its solar panels facing away from the sun.

This photograph, taken by Spirit, is the original in which Waring made his latest find of a reptilian face on Mars. According to NASA, the photo was taken by Spirit at the rover’s landing site, about 22 months after it landed on the Red Planet in January of 2004.

The NASA photo was enhanced by Waring, below, to highlight what he says are the reptilian features of the figure apparently engraved in a Martian rock.

NASA Mars Reptilian Face Spirit Rover UFO Waring
The alleged reptilian face on Mars.

“I found this face in a Spirit rover photo today. It’s tilted over and may be difficult to see, so I cut it in half and matched it to itself…two of the same halves so that you can see its detail,” Waring wrote on his blog.

“It’s easy to see that this is one strange looking species and has canine teeth. It does not resemble humans at all, but it does appear intelligent. Its eyes are smaller than humans, but round,” Waring wrote. “Its nose area is similar to that of a cat, but its upper skull that overlaps the upper eye lids is confusing to me. That part of the skull makes it look reptilian.”

But the latest find is not the first time that Waring has discovered a “reptilian face” on Mars. In the following video, posted by Waring in 2010, he reveals an earlier discovery of a similar Mars anomaly.

In this close-up detail of the original NASA photo, Waring shows how the rock with the reptilian face appears from a side view.

NASA Mars Reptilian Face Spirit Rover UFO Side
Side view of the "reptilian face" on Mars

Waring has also been responsible for numerous discoveries of apparent strange shapes and structures on the surface of Mars over the past several years. To read about several of his earlier alleged discoveries, click on the links in the “Previous Stories” box on this page.

Of course, not everyone has been convinced by Waring’s Mars anomaly findings, including the latest reptilian face. Even some of Waring’s own readers find his interpretation of the Mars NASA photos puzzling.

“I never see any of this,” wrote one reader on Waring’s latest “reptilian face” posting. “I never make anything out, I just see rocks. If the pictures were better quality maybe but it never is.”


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Waring, however, is sympathetic to his followers who don’t always see what he sees in the NASA photos.

“Its ok man, it takes time,” Waring replied to his puzzled reader. “I said the same thing to a friend that took me out pheasant hunting…totally couldn’t see the bird in that tall grass, but he could. Just takes practice.”

The first “Face on Mars” appeared in a NASA photo taken from the Viking orbiter in 1976. But the presence of rovers such as Spirit, and the more recent Curiosity, have yielded more “faces” for UFO hunters who look hard enough for them.

[All Images via NASA]