This Psychopath Child Shocked The World In 1990, Wanted To Kill Her Whole Family — Where Is She Now?

Notorious “child psychopath” Beth Thomas shocked the world in the early 90s. Beth suffered from severe behavioral problems as a result of being sexually abused early in life. Her behavior was captured in the chilling 1990 documentary Child of Rage: A Story of Abuse.

After Beth was adopted by the Thomas family, they became concerned about her behavior — the sweet-looking girl killed a nest of baby birds and attacked her brother while he slept, according to Life Coach Code.

“The Thomas family knew something was wrong with their new adopted child when the seemingly sweet girl unexpectedly killed a nest of innocent baby birds and also attacked her brother while he was asleep.”

The girl apologized and said it would not happen again, but her behavior only got worse.

“Soon Beth attacked her little brother so badly that the boy had to be sent to hospital and receive stitches. The little girl repeatedly smashed his face into the concrete floor.”

The family wondered about Beth’s behavior, but they were initially blocked, due to confidentiality laws, from getting detailed information about Beth’s past from the adoption agency.

The adoption agency could only recommend that the Thomases take Beth to see a child psychologist.

Next, Beth announced her chilling intention: to kill her whole family.

“Without even flinching an eye or conceding any emotional feeling whatsoever, when asked what she planned to do to with the knives she stole out of her family’s dish washer, little 6 year old Beth Thomas plainly states ‘Kill John and mommy with them, and daddy.'”

Other disturbing behaviors demonstrated by Beth included tearing her room apart, fondling her grandfather, cutting a classmate with a shard of glass, and torturing the dog and other animals. First to Know reports that Beth also sexually molested her brother, John. It appeared that she was “incapable of feeling empathy, trusting others and showing or accepting love.”

The little girl was suffering from RAD (reactive attachment disorder). The Thomas family learned that Beth had been left with her “sadistic father” after her mother died when she was just 1-year-old.

“It was later discovered that the little girl was the victim of extreme child violence and sex abuse, which led to what is termed reactive attachment disorder.”

Beth reportedly told carers that she was having nightmares of a “man who was falling on her and hurting her with a part of himself.”

An HBO documentary from 1989, titled Child of Rage: A Story of Abuse, introduced the psychopathic girl child to the world.

Child of Rage: A Story of Abuse had a massive impact, as it clearly illustrated “the detrimental effects abuse can have on a child, as well as the remarkable healing transitions that can take place in a proper, loving environment.”

“After a great deal of therapy [Beth] was able to recover and completely freed of her toxic thoughts and ways from before!”

Beth grew up to be a mentally stable woman. She even authored a book, More Than a Thread of Hope, about her journey. Beth is reportedly a qualified nurse who now works with similar cases to the one she lived through in her early life.

“Today Beth is a registered nurse who also helps children with similar conditions to hers from before. This goes to show you the power of love, backed by hard work, is stronger than the power of hate!”

The story of her tragic upbringing inspired a television movie that aired on CBS back in 1992.

A writer at Oddity World muses that he/she will never forget the documentary about the troubled little girl and her sad story.

“I can’t forget this documentary because it shows how frightening it can be to see how an Innocent Child resort in to such ill behavior towards other people and animals without them feeling any sense of guilt or conscience.”

Life Coach Code reflects that Beth “Child of Rage” Thomas is a shining example of the fact that it is always possible to heal and rehabilitate a person who has “lost their humanity.”

“No matter how gone the humanity appears to be in someone there is always a chance to bring it back into their hearts. This is a proof that with love, kindness and proper care you can save even a psychopath from their heartlessness… The spirit of humanity is not something you are born with, but a way of living produced over generations of humans who chose love over hate; courage over fear; and it can be learned. Once it is learned and acted upon it will become a part of you.”

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