Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza Topless in Maxim Magazine

Dayana Mendzoa (Miss Universe) is topless in the September issue of Maxim since her title as a beauty queen ends later in August. Yes, some beauty queens do respect the terms of the contract they entered into (ahem) by not posing nude or topless while they wear the crown.

Dayana's photos have just been made available in the online issue of Maxim here if you'd like to see more, and read some of the interview if you're so inclined. Speaking of the article, when asked if she would date millionaires, Mendzoa replied:

"No, he doesn't have to be a soccer player or an actor, either. He just has to be a special guy who is very genuine."
Uh-huh, but a few mil wouldn't hurt now would it? At any rate, Dayana Mendzoa topless is a real treat. We may not be millionaires but at least we get to see enough assets to think about investing.

Photo credit: Maxim.