#LoveForLeslieJ: ‘Ghostbusters’ Star Leslie Jones Fights Back Against Racism On Twitter — ‘You Won’t Believe The Evil’

Comedienne Leslie Jones should feel like she’s on top of the world right now.

Following months of negative critiques regarding the all-female remake of Ghostbusters, the movie ultimately disproved the condemning by bringing in $46 million during its opening weekend, according to Deadline. Unfortunately, celebration for Jones’ newly-minted status as a bonafide movie star has come to a bit of a halt as the Saturday Night Live funny woman now finds herself in another contentious battle — and this one has nothing to do with her gender at all.

On Monday, Jones took to Twitter to speak out on the racist commentary she receives on a near-daily basis.

“You know, I’m gonna stop blocking [people] so y’all can go through my feed yourself, and see the BS,” she said. “You won’t believe the evil [I come across]. It’s f*****g scary.”

Rather than waiting for her fans to do as she asked, she then began posting some of the deplorable attacks she has received, including a majority of comments that relegate her to Harambe, the gorilla that was shot to death in order to protect a child at the Cincinnati Zoo earlier this year.

Luckily, for all of those who were exuding such hate, Jones also has a heavy support base backing her up. Fans of the entertainer, both common and equally famous, have been not only retaliating on her behalf by reporting the owners of the accounts to Twitter support, but they have also been sending her words of comfort and praise for not being afraid of calling such horrid people out. The hashtag, #LoveForLeslieJ, began to trend early Monday evening in hopes of getting more peoples’ eyes on the troubling matter.

Just last week, Leslie emotionally expressed to Whoopi Goldberg on The View just how important it was for African-American celebrities to be represented in all facets of entertainment media.

“The day that I saw Whoopi Goldberg on television,” she stated, “I cried so hard because I kept looking at my daddy and [said], ‘oh, my God. There’s somebody on TV that looks like me! Daddy, she looks like me! I can be on TV!’ And I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, because I know… when I put on that Ghostbusters suit, and little girls see me on TV, now they’re gonna look at me and say, ‘I can do it,’ and you gave that to me, and I love you.”

She also briefly touched on the trouble she had obtaining a dress for the Ghostbusters premiere in Los Angeles. As previously noted on The Inquisitr, designers outright refused to loan Jones an outfit to wear on the red carpet. After expressing her disappointment through Twitter in June, Project Runway winner Christian Siriano reached out to Leslie and expressed his desire to make her a gown for the event.

“I didn’t think it had anything to do with my size,” she explained to The View co-hosts. “I just thought that it had to do with anyone [not] knowing who I was. Out of frustration, I picked [my] phone up, [took to Twitter], and said, ‘designers are, you know, not messing with me right now.’ And then, [Siriano] hit me [up], and I was like, ‘yeah!'”

leslie jones
Jones with SNL/'Ghostbusters' co-star Kate McKinnon. [Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]

Jones’ turn in Ghostbusters is currently in theaters all across America, and according to an after-credits scene that was mentioned by Just Jared, a sequel is presumed to be in the works. Saturday Night Live is currently on hiatus after completing it its 41st season this past May. No set date has been given regarding the season 42 premiere.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]